Confessions of a Wedding Planner


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Planning a wedding is not all champagne and roses, it may seem like fun but you always need a helping hand, it will be a bigger bonus if that helping hand is a wedding coordinator, they design your wedding day, keep your bridal party, and vendors on schedule, prevent disasters, and do it all with a smile. 

Wedding planners are at the heart of the problem, on site, and ready to take on any obstacles that might upset the bride, however deep down there are things she would like to tell you, but can’t (most probably because she would get fired if she did!). In today’s post we are going to dish the dirty little secrets every wedding planner has locked in their closet. 

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How to Host an Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding

Weddings are about celebrations, celebrating the union of two people, this however seems to slip our mind when planning a wedding. Some couples know from the very beginning what type of wedding they want to host whether that being a large lavish one, or a small intimate affair. Many couples agree that in circumstances like this, size matters! In today’s post I will be sharing my advice on how to host a small intimate wedding, that is more personal, and fun for both the couple and guests. 

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Before the wedding dress


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A little wedding day advice here, ever wondered what you should do before putting your wedding dress on? Yes ladies there is a mini checklist of things you need to consider, a list I like to call “Step away from the white dress”.

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SJP Bridal Collection (Kleinfeld Bridal)


Heading straight to the queen of style and relationship advice, Sarah Jessica Parker has definitely influenced our life with her advice, and fashion sense on Sex in The City. In 2014 Sarah launched her new bridal shoe collection called ‘ SJP’, we fell in love with its variety of chic shoe styles and luxe fabric options. 

353CA5A100000578-3639551-image-m-46_1465850773840It’s time to say Yes! to the shoes, as SJP has partnered with Kleinfeld Bridal providing exclusive designs that will take your breath away. The styles offer the same elegant embellishments and pops of color—only with a bridal twist, each pair has a thin pastel blue ribbon tied to the back of the heel for every brides  Something blue”. Prices range from $285 – $585. 

Keep scrolling to see the SJP Collection styles now available at Kleinfeld Bridal.



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Lavish Wedding Dresses on a Budget


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The internet has been taken by storm since the beginning of the year with lavish weddings, whether that being of celebrities, or social lights. Setting our wedding goals on an all time high, with the beautiful decor, breathtaking bridal gowns, and star-studded perfumers we have been wowed, so much so that we have found ways to recreate these magical wedding designs while staying clear on the budget.

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Colourful Wedding Dresses


Once upon a time, brides were known to only wear white, with big puffy dresses and a long veil. However today’s modern brides are breaking the mold, with short veils, backless dresses and even colourful bridal gowns. With a colour chart, the possibilities are limitless. We have asked our wedding experts their opinion on colourful wedding dresses, read what they have to say below.
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Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts


Every bride is thankful for her bridesmaids, after all the joys of wedding planning are much more appreciated when you have your BFF to share it with. Show your bridal party that you care with these amazingly thoughtful bridesmaid gifts, suitable for every budget, and season. 

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