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10 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

Weddings are personal events that reflect the union of two people, everything about ones wedding is personalised, as they get to choose the venue, flowers, styling etc. That being said it has become increasingly popular to go the extra mile when it comes to personalisation. Although some still prefer to stick to traditions, others choose to customise their day with bespoke features. Here are 10 ways to personalise your wedding.

Personalise your invitations

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Kick start your personalisation with bespoke wedding cards, think photographs, calligraphy, or even your own logo, anything is possible. All you have to do is find a supplier that provides an invite creating service.

Choose a venue with personal meaning

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Manywedding cakemakers will have a selection of cake designs to choose from, but they will also be open to personalised wedding cakes. A fully customised cake doesn’t only mean from the outside, you can even choose the flavour and inside sponge colour.

Design your own dress

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Most wedding dress suppliers have a standard stockist to choose from, rather than picking a dress off the rails, why not customise your own? With a little help from wedding dress designers, you can create your own dream wedding dress. Don’t stop there, get the groom involved too by having him customise his suit.

Personalise your flower choices

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The second most important aspect in your wedding day are your wedding flowers, after all that’s what your guests will see as soon as they enter your venue. Customising flowers shouldn’t be difficult, consider the flower type, colour, and design. Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to have consult a florist, bounce idea’s off one another, as florists have more experience on what works and what doesn’t. 

Use creative table names

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If you’re having a sit-down meal at your wedding, consider giving creative names to each table that your guests sit at. This could be anything from names of countries you have travelled too, songs you like, or even names of your favourite flowers, think outside the box and surprise your guests with something creative and fun. This idea also works perfectly with themed weddings.  

Personalise your vows

Nothing is more moving at a wedding then personalised vows, I personally think it is the most romantic and nicest moments shared between couples as they get ready to embark on a new journey together. You can choose topersonalise your vows. Whilst a certain script has to be abided by to make your marriage legal, a registrar may allow you to add your own section at the end. This might be a little more difficult to include in a religious ceremony, but is still worth considering.

Create your own playlist

Whether you choose to have a wedding DJ or not, you can still customise your entire wedding playlist. Bear in mind that guests may still want to suggest songs. Personalised songs might be better to include in the ceremony (you can also select your first dance song!).

Create a photo collage

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It could be worth creating a photo collage to hang on one of the walls of your reception venue. This could be near the table where guests can leave gifts or write personal messages.

Create a wedding slideshow

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Similarly, you couldcreate a slideshowof pictures to play at your wedding. This could be a nice accompaniment to your wedding ceremony.





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