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4 To-Do-Lists Every Bride Should Have

Planning a wedding can be hectic, especially if you are taking it upon your self to make sure everything is running smoothly. From budget planning, to guests lists they just seem to make what should be a fun and exciting time feel slightly opposite. Thanks to the technology these days there are app’s and organisers that will keep you on track, one of the websites I found useful while planning my wedding was The Knot, they had an interactive checklist that I would go through every day to make sure I don’t lose track. 

There are so many things to take care of, and every now and then a few can slip a brides mind, todays post will include the essential 4 to-do-lists every bride should have and maintain till she walks down that aisle. 

The Essential To-Do’s

This list will consist of the daily to-do’s brides need to accomplish daily, even if you have the help of a wedding planner or coordinator there are somethings you just got to do on your own. Like book your nail appointment, or schedule a makeup trial etc. Once you get started there is nothing more satisfying that crossing items off your to-do-lists. 

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Guest List & RSVPs

Possibly one of the most complicated lists you will ever have to create, thankfully it is shared between you and your future spouse, but that doesn’t make it easier on either of you. Once you have decided on an initial draft we advise you create a word or google document to note down the attendees, addresses, and other information you may need. This document can easily be edited as you go along as well as shared with close family members. Once your guest list is confirmed you can use this list to track your RSVP’s and even create a seating chart. 

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The ‘Day of’ List

Time just flies passed, especially when you are planning a wedding. It is essential to have the morning of your wedding planned out and focused on beauty, mimosas, and of course happiness. To ensure your day runs smoothly you will need to make sure you have everything in place the night before, day of, and morning after. When you take the time to consider everything you need, you may be surprised how long that list can be, and I am not talking about the obvious wedding gown and slippers, I was thinking more on the lines of toothpaste and makeup wipes. 

Gifts Received 

Whether you have a gift registry or not, guests will be spoiling you and your spouse with thoughtful presents throughout your wedding month, that can be during your bridal shower and during/after your wedding. Traditionally a close relative or the maid of honour would note down the sender’s name and what they purchased, however that being said you may also receive gifts while your elected helper isn’t available. Therefore it’s best to have a list on hand to make sure you don’t forget to send out ‘ Thank you ‘ cards to your thoughtful guests after the wedding bells are over. 

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