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4 Quick Tips for Planning Wedding Music

We have collaborated with Karl from Freak Music – One of the UK’s leading providers of wedding music and live entertainment, for the best tips on how to plan your wedding music straight from the experts. Couples and event planners can use Freak Music to identify acts, build shortlists, and enquire and book their wedding entertainment online.

Your wedding music plays an important role in setting the mood at your party, especially if your guests have been with you all day.

Therefore, it’s important to pay enough attention to planning it. You don’t want the hard work of organising a wedding to end in a disappointment caused by a bad wedding DJ. The good news is that planning the wedding music won’t take up a huge chunk of your overall wedding planning – with these four quick tips, you can succeed and ensure your wedding day rocks in just the right ways.

At what points should you play music?

Before we look at the tips, let’s consider when you typically need to have music at your wedding. Music is a big part of both the ceremony and the reception.

During the wedding ceremony, you might play music:

  • During the pre-ceremony, as guests arrive and take seats.
  • When the wedding party and the bride and groom enter and leave the venue.

You’ll also have music playing at different times during the reception. These include moments like:

  • When your guests arrive and wait for the couple to arrive.
  • The entrance music when you enter the venue.
  • The first dance.
  • The garter and bouquet toss.
  • Cake-cutting music.
  • Party music either for dancing or just as ambience music during entertainment, dining, etc.
  • The last dance.

Of course, just because it’s traditional to have music played at particular moments it doesn’t mean you need to do it. Don’t be afraid to skip traditions if you want. Just know you can add a bit more ambience by having music in the background.

So, how should you go about picking music for these occasions?

Find your overlapping musical interests

It’s important that all the music you play at the wedding is something you as a couple enjoy listening to. Now, this might mean you need to find compromises – not all couples have exactly the same taste in music after all!

It’s a good idea to write a list of the genres or even specific bands you enjoy and see how your lists overlap. Give each person a right to veto one band or a song to ensure you don’t feel forced to having music you really dislike. However, ensure you both feel part of the process (unless the other person really doesn’t care!) to have a playlist that brings a smile on both faces.

Match the music with your theme and activities

Of course, you shouldn’t just think about what kind of music you enjoy listening to. You want the music to fit your wedding theme. Punk rock in a vintage wedding doesn’t seem like the most fitting combination, for example.

However, do remember there are different ways you can play songs and this can change the sound. For instance, you can play heavy metal songs as instrumental versions, completely changing the sound.

You’ll also want to match the music with your reception activities. Do you want there to be dancing? Are you looking to allow guests to sing karaoke? Think what role do you want music to play – should it be a big part of the entertainment or just there for the ambience?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box

You don’t need to just look at the Top 40-list and pick the most popular songs. Your wedding music also doesn’t have to consist of cheesy love songs you’re just ‘supposed to have’. Feel free to think outside of the box. For instance, have instrumental versions of your favourite songs, opt for movie music or if you love video games, use the soundtrack of your favourite games.

Create a list of songs you want and those you don’t

Finally, create a list of the songs you want the wedding DJ or band to play. You definitely shouldn’t design their entire set list. But you do want to make sure any song you’ve always dreamed of hearing at your wedding is played. As well as listing the songs you want to hear, think whether you also have a blacklist of songs. This could include songs you associate with your ex or songs that just bring tears to your eyes for whatever reason.

With the above four tips, your wedding music planning won’t take forever and you focus on ensuring your day rocks.

Guest Blog post by: Freak Music is one of the UK’s leading providers of wedding music and entertainment.  

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