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4 Simple Tips for The Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic, as we approach the Spring & Summer seasons that are considered peek for outdoor weddings it’s essential to highlight the fact that outdoor weddings come with their own set of caveats and pitfalls. Not only do they take longer to plan but if you don’t remember all of the small details, you may be disappointed in the overall outcome. Here are 3 tips to ensure that your outdoor wedding is a smooth success.

Prepare For The Weather

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The biggest challenge you’re going to face when you’re having an outdoor wedding is the weather. Obviously, you’re going to plan it during the summer when the sun will be shining a little bit longer however you can’t always count on that. Sometimes, it’s going to rain at the most inopportune moments and you need to be prepared for that, otherwise, you and your guests will be rather disappointed. Wedding marquees are a popular back up plan for brides, you can pre-book these ahead of time to ensure availability on your wedding date. It’s also worth remembering that the Spring/Summer nights might be slightly chilly, outdoor heaters will keep your guests warm, ensuring that everybody is comfortable and has a good time without having to worry about the weather.

Bring Your Own Drinks

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Stocking a bar is one of the biggest expenses couples face when planning a wedding, hosting an outdoor wedding gives you the opportunity to do it yourself. Some outdoor venues that are attached to a function area will insist that all drinks are bought from them but there are plenty of places that don’t mind you bringing your own. We would advise purchasing drinks in bulk, that way you will obtain a discounted rate, the only aspect to be concerned with is how to keep your drinks chilled on a hot summers night. 

Plan Your Photos Around The Sun

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Before setting up your wedding day layout, visit the venue with your photographer to ensure that the sun does not play havoc with your wedding photos. Skilled photographers would be able to advise you on the appropriate angles, and if you need to create a shaded area designed specifically for taking great photographs.


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If you’re lucky with the weather then the sun will be shining down on you all day, SPF is essential for you and your guests to maintain a healthy glow throughout your special day. It’s easy to forget such things especially when your caught up in all of the details of the day and making sure everything runs smoothly. It would be useful to invest in some umbrellas to shade your guests during the ceremony and reception, go the extra mile provide your guests with fans for those hot summer days, I have seen so many creative fan ideas on Pinterest that your guests will love. 










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