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5 Tips for Planning Your Bachelorette Party

Planning a Bachelorette party is never easy, there are a lot of points to consider, such as venue, location, guests, budget etc. The key question is who is in charge of organising it? better yet will the bride let her guard down and leave everything to surprise? or are you the type of bride who would prefer to know every single detail ? These days due to the influence of social media Bachelorette/Hen parties are nearly as big as as the wedding (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but they are pretty fun!). Below, we take a look at some of the things you’ll want to think about – and then tell your bridesmaid about!

Who’s Coming?

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Once you have chosen your Bridal party they would be the first on the list, followed by your wedding guests, not all of them of course! but run through the lists with your Maid of Honour to ensure you didn’t miss anyone. Most importantly don’t feel pressured to invite people you are not comfortable with, or feel the need to over invite incase your hurt anyones feelings. 

The Destination

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Traditionally Bachelorette/Hen parties were held at home or in a private venue during the day, where guests would bring gifts for the future bride and exchange them over a light lunch or afternoon tea. These days it’s all about the party! and with that comes a holiday, destination bachelorette parties have become increasingly popular seeing as it has become more affordable to travel, you can feasibly have any type of getaway you like: spa, city break, a retreat in nature. It’s all available! Though of course, the type of destination you choose will have a massive impact on the general atmosphere of the weekend. If you want your final send off to include enjoying all that a city has to offer, let your bridesmaid know!


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After choosing your destination, you will need to plan out a list of activities to keep you and your bridal party entertained, especially if you choose a holiday destination. If you would prefer something more relaxing than consider a hen party spa break , or exploring the capital’s museums and art galleries before going for painting the town red on a girls night out. It is important to let your bridesmaids know what type of break you would prefer, to ensure that they are not planning something totally opposite.

Break the Ice

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It’s likely that you’ll have a bunch of people from different areas of your life coming together in honour of you! Some of these people your bridesmaid won’t even know. Therefore it will be up to you to break the ice and be the social butterfly to ensure everyone is well introduced to one another, as well as share common interests, and so on. You’re not the host, but you will havesome host duties!

Have Trust in Your Bridesmaids

Finally, remember to trust your bridesmaid to deliver a superb weekend. You trust them to be part of your wedding; rest assure that they know you well enough to host a party to remember. Just relax, go with the flow, and enjoy.


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