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5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Unique

All weddings are beautiful, after all they reflect both couples personal style down to every detail. Needless to say that every bride would like her wedding to be unique and different, by starting new trends and simply ‘wowing’ their guests. Of course, a lot of brides love the idea of traditional weddings and others need a little inspiration to think outside the box in-order to create something magical. That being said every bride needs help when it comes to planning, or better yet a slight push to get them out of their comfort zone, and into creative mode. Here are some ideas to help you create a unique wedding that is just perfect for you.

Speak to your photographer about different wedding captures

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One of the first thing you can start to think about is the unique and different ways you can capture your wedding day. Once your wedding confetti has settled photographs are all what will remain of your special day, so make them count. Looking back on your wedding albums will bring on beautiful memories that you will cherish forever, so don’t be afraid to capture unique moment in whatever way you please. Whether you choose to pose in a certain way, or have certain photographs with your wedding party and family members, there are no rules just remember to have fun and be your self. Research wedding images through pinterest or on websites likeVittore Buzzi photographeras they can provide you with a lot of inspiration from some of the weddings they have already covered.

Considering non-standard venue

Sometimes the mainstream venue of a church and hotel isn’t what you are looking for, so a bit of research and discussions with your future spouse could highlight some alternative venue ideas. Maybe you want something grand that makes a statement, or perhaps you prefer something simple that says a lot about you as a couple. The possibilities are endless thanks to the numerous amount of couples who have decided to transform spaces into luxurious wedding venues we can’t wait to pin on our Pinterest board.

Exploring new wedding themes

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Wedding themes are at an all time high lately, simply because the possibilities are limitless when you get creative. Once you decide on a particular theme you can choose to be completely different, by customising your theme according to both of you as a couple. Adding small hints of your theme throughout the day will keep your guests guessing. Think decor, food and favours. Once again websites like Pinterest are full of great ideas you can easily adapt into your wedding. 

Going against the grain when it comes to your ceremony

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There are so many options now when it comes to your ceremony. You can always stick with traditional church or civil ceremonies, but why not customise your own? after all it adds a personal touch. The key is to take into account your interestsand passions, perhaps things to do with astronomy and astrology for example. Just make sure you do what feels right for you as a couple and discuss your options in detail before making any big decisions.

Considering a destination wedding

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Of course destination weddings stand out the most, so if your budget permits and your guests are willing to go the extra mile for you, why not host a destination wedding somewhere exotic or perhaps in a romantic city, which ever you prefer. Moreover guests love the idea of location weddings because they can combine their holidays with your celebrations, as for couples destination weddings are less stressful reason being that most venues provide wedding planners as apart of the package, and of course due to the fact that it will be a more intimate affair. The key is to allow your self plenty of time to plan a destination wedding, starting with sending your guests save the date cards to ensure everyone can attend.


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