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6 Things Wedding Guests Do That Annoy Brides

After spending months even years planning your special day down to every detail, brides are eager to start the celebrations with their nearest and dearest guests. That being said, there is only so much a bride can do to ensure everything goes according to plan, however here are a few habits that friends and family unknowingly tend to do which creates unnecessary stress for everyone, particularly the bride. At first you may not find these habits annoying, but once you’re engaged and start planning a wedding you’ll understand. So to give all the future brides out there a heads up of what to expect, as well as a reason to indirectly share this article with your guests hoping they get the message in advance, here are 5 things wedding guests do that annoy Brides. 

1 -Ignoring the RSVP’s

6 things wedding guests do that annoy brides

RSVP cards have been placed in your invitation pack for a reason, please don’t ignore them, or forget to post them out on the given date. Not only is this inconsiderate, it puts couples in an awkward situation. Believe it or not RSVP cards are the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to wedding planning, without them the bride is simply lost.


2-You assume your allowed a plus one

Just because you received an invitation doesn’t mean your allowed to bring a plus one unless otherwise stated, always speak to the couple first to clarify. Wedding costs are calculated per head, the last thing you want to do is bring a date to the wedding unannounced. As much as you would like a companion on the night bear in mind their situation if only money grew on trees and it were in the budget, they’d be all for it. Unfortunately, the guilt trips don’t really help your cause. 

3- Forget important information

The couple have put a lot of thought, time, and money into wedding invitations and even websites to ensure guests have all the necessary information needed on the day i.e. travel arrangements, accommodation, timings etc. Take the time to read the information provided properly and keep then in a safe place, as the last thing brides want on their wedding day is 101 questions from guests because they have misplaced the information. 


4 -You purchase a gift that wasn’t on the registry

Any gifts given are obviously more than appreciated by the couple, however keep in mind that the gifts on their wedding registry are the ones they actually want based on their own style (it also helps to eliminate the issue of duplicate gifts). Although you were trying to surprise them with an unusual gift, please stick to the registry. 


5-Photobomb the couple’s wedding 

I think this is by far the most important note every guest should be aware of, with the increase of selfie sticks and mobile phones at a wedding please be vigilant and stay clear from the wedding photographer. The last thing couples want after returning from their honeymoon is to find guests selfie sticks, or a mobile phone in the way of their precious moments. 

6-Arrive late and disrupt the ceremony 

If you are running fashionably late, its best to contact a friend or family member (not the couple or their family) who is already at the wedding, to find out if the ceremony has started, or if the bride and groom have made their entrance yet. If you don’t know any body attending ask someone who is working in the venue, the last thing you want to do is enter with the bride or cause disruption to a service. Don’t worry about missing the service, just wait behind till the coast is clear and sneak in quietly. 








  1. Great post, it’s unbelievable how accurate it is – I seems that #1 is actually the most bothering one – like your guest don’t appreciate it enough to respond. Or they get the heads up plenty of time ahead to book it in their calendar, then say they can’t make it because of a holiday that came up… like, really?!

    1. Thank you 🙂 True they just don’t know how annoying it is until they start planning their wedding.

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