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Afternoon Tea – Part 2


Hello readers,

As promised in my previous post (click here), today’s blog will include inspiration for a high tea (afternoon tea) themed bridal shower, including decor and fashion ideas.

A bridal shower usually includes the brides closest female relatives and friends, where she is “showered” with love, good wishes, and gifts. A shower can take place six months before the wedding, the week before, or any time in between. It can be a surprise for the bride, or not. Almost every detail is up to you.

Afternoon Tea theme:

♥ Decor ♥

Recreating an afternoon tea theme is pretty simple, supply finger food for your guests such as cupcakes and mini sandwiches, you may also want to add alcohol to your event by signature cocktails, or champagne. I personally love the idea of decorating tea pots with flowers as centerpieces.



Make a statement with a colourful fascinator, or hat to accessories your outfit. I would suggest a knee-length dress would be suitable for this event. You can find a list of recommended suppliers/vendors below, or here.

Lara sign





(More vendors/suppliers Click here)

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