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Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Hello Readers,

If you follow me on Social Media you probably would have noticed that I attended my first ever Bridal Fashion Week last month in Barcelona. It was a wonderful experience, like any other bridal fashion week it was fast-paced and with a long itinerary of events. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Bridal catwalk shows, each and every one of them were unique to say the least, using different decor, lighting, and entertainment, I felt almost as if I was in a new location every-time. Today’s post will feature a closer look into the latest bridal trends, magnificent details, and stunning silhouettes straight from the catwalk shows at Barcelona Bridal Fashion week 2017.


3-D floral or beaded appliqué is a rising trend in the bridal world. Greek designer Demetrios has mastered the skill of craftsmanship with these stunning silhouettes.

Bridal capes are considered the hottest bridal trend since the veil was introduced, Demetrios has created a spectacular beaded cape that most defiantly stole the show. 

Long sleeve bridal gowns have become increasingly popular this season, whether they are full on lace or with sheer details it brings a touch of modern elegancy to your silhouette. 

White wedding dresses are phasing out, making way for ivory and blush tone gowns. Demetrios has incorporated these modern colours with beaded detail to add sparkle into your special day.

Marylise & Rembo Styling

This catwalk show incorporated various interesting looks, from jumpsuits,to crop tops, and even short dresses this diverse yet relaxed bridal style is suitable for those who are looking to channel their inner fashionista’s, or opting for a boho-inspired wedding gown. 

Crop-top bridal dresses are becoming and increasingly popular bridal choice, Marylise & Rembo incorporated the 70’s vibe of high-waisted skirts with the modern trend of cropped tops creating a chic bridal look. 

Jumpsuits and short dresses, apart from the obvious fashion statement these pieces are practical for bridal showers, pre/post wedding celebrations, wedding day outfit change, and formal registry attire. 

Galia Lahav 

Possibly the most pinned and reposted wedding dresses on Instagram are made by Galia, the details and silhouettes from this show was simply out of this world. I fell in love with each and every design as they were individually unique and showed true skills of craftsmanship. 

As I mentioned earlier long sleeve gowns have become increasingly more popular, Galia has taken this trend and incorporated it with the Victorian style to create a modern twist. 

These designed are not for the faint hearted, as most of the catwalk consisted of sheer dresses with plunging necklines, bringing sexy back into bridal. 

Cristina Tamborero

Classic and elegant designs, featuring a show stopping bridal cape, and dresses with pockets. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of pockets in a bridal dress, however it has become increasingly popular not to mention handy for brides who need a lipstick top-up during the event. 


Spanish designer Inmaculada Garcia stole the show with her diverse bridal style, from Boho-inspired gowns to sheer bridal trousers with overskirts. 

Ana Torres 

Ana Torres collection was a mix between bridal and a colourful evening dresses, for entertainment a Spanish singer had the crowd singing and dancing in no time, possibly one of the best ways to end a show, and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. 

(Images provided by Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017)

Despite the cold weather and rain I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Barcelona, and was thrilled to attend the Bridal Fashion Week, and I look forward to attending other shows in the near feature. 











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