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Be the most Fashionable Wedding Guest

Guest Blog: Be the most fashionable wedding guest

We all dream about our perfect wedding day and make plans for the most gorgeous wedding dress and décor. Still, when it comes to going to other people’s weddings, no matter how fun and exciting this day is going to be, it can get really troublesome to find the perfect outfit. In general, weddings require a special dress code and wearing garments that you don’t wear on daily basis. Therefore, it’s essential to look for both comfort and great style when choosing your wedding guest attire.

Pay attention to material

Keep in mind that you’re going to spend a good couple of hours, and sometimes even the whole day at the wedding. In that respect, your clothes need to be light and breathable. You don’t want to wear materials that would make you feel really hot, or garments that restrict your freedom of movement. This is the key factor of choosing the perfect outfit for someone’s wedding day and feeling good and confident with your own style.

Don’t neglect your taste

neglecttasteWhen picking out a formal outfit, most people make the mistake of wearing something that completely clashes with their own personal style. Simply by wearing something that doesn’t speak to you will make you feel uncomfortable. That discomfort will translate to your face and posture, making your whole appearance slightly awkward and not at all special. Therefore, even if you’re not used to formal clothes, always go for garments that you find appealing. For example, if you don’t like wearing skirts and dresses, you can always opt for flattering straight cut pants and smart shirt that you can decorate with jewelry. Collar necklaces and lady cufflinks are very trendy at the moment. If your hair and makeup are on point, this simple yet stylish look can really turn some heads.

Comfy glamour

Apart from skirts, dresses and elegant pants, formal playsuits have been all the rage recently. When paired with a blazer and stiletto shoes, this wedding combination is bound to blow all others away. This is mostly because perfect-fit playsuits elongate the figure, accentuate all the right areas and hide those that need to be hidden. Most importantly, playsuits are very comfortable to wear and dance in.

Dresses and skirts

dresses-and-skirtsChoosing a nice and flattering dress or skirt as your wedding guest attire is a task that involves your own body shape. For example, look for an empire waist dresses and high-waisted skirts if you don’t want to show your abdominal area. A-cut dresses with fitted waist and textured top are perfect for athletic built, while those blessed with an hourglass figure can opt for bodycon dresses. Even in a role of a bridesmaid, you can rock your look in stylish bridesmaid dresses.   Basically, have patience to try out different cuts and designs, and you’ll be able to see for yourself what type of dress or skirt looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

Play with colors

It’s important to note that completely black or completely white color outfits are not appropriate for the wedding attire. On the other hand, black and white combo is always elegant and stylish. Still, if you want a pop of color, always go for shades that work well with your skin tone as well as hair and eye color. Moreover, one-color outfits in dark green, royal blue or deep red look very fashionable when paired with interesting shoes, bags, belts and other accessories that offer a pop of bright color.

Proper footwear

proper-footwearNothing can beat stiletto shoes when it comes to elegance, but you don’t have to go for the highest heel in order to rock these like a model. Actually, smaller and chunkier heels are very popular nowadays and there are many styles that would be perfect for combining with a wedding outfit. What’s more, retro-inspired stiletto shoes would go perfectly with high-waisted skirt, playsuit or pant-shirt combo. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear flats or really high heels. Actually, if you’re used to those, go for them by all means. When it comes to footwear it’s essential that it’s comfortable and that you know that you can move and dance pain-free. Since so many different shoe styles are popular nowadays, you can find your perfect pair easily, that will also look sleek and fashionable.

Weddings celebrate love and they are perfect occasions for some great fun. But in all honesty, weddings are also occasions where you can celebrate your own self-esteem and represent yourself in the best and most beautiful way. So, always aspire to add to the overall entertainment and enjoyment with your fashion sense and attractive confidence.

This guest blog post was written by an aspiring fashion blogger Claire Hastings – Author at magazine. 


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