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Beauty and The Beast Inspired Wedding

Just like any other child growing up in the nineties Beauty and the Beast was probably one of my favourite Disney movies that I would watch over, and over again. Last month marked the official movie release of Beauty and the Beast, anticipated with excitement as the movie began I felt like I was 4 years old again, apparently I still knew the lyrics to every single song. Although we are all grown up we never forget the magic and valuable lesson ‘A tale as old as time’ taught us; to be kind, and to find the ability to fall in love with a person from the inside rather than simply what you see on the outside. Which ironically still resonates in todays day and age. Today’s post will feature creative ways brides (who love Disney just as much as I do) can incorporate the Beauty and the Beast theme into their wedding without seeming too cliché or childish.

The idea behind a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding is to think; Romance, finishing touches, and of course red roses. 


Like any other princess you will need a castle, I am sure if you go deep into the country you will find an enchanted castle just like the movie, or if you fancy a destination wedding they why not wed at the actual castle they filmed the movie in? Yes its true we found it, and you can even have your honeymoon there! Château de Chambord is situated in France’s Loire Valley, this 16th century French Renaissance castle it’s the largest château in the region.

If a castle isn’t ideal than you may want to consider having an outdoor wedding in a garden, spend a little more on decoration and you can transform your venue into the magical garden that the beast had.


A rose in a glass box would be ideal, however if you prefer something more subtle how about using candelabras, books, or even a teapot full with flowers of course (if only we could find a talking teacup). 


To really let your guests grasp the idea of your beauty and the beast styled wedding we would advice sticking to the colour palette of blues, yellows, and reds however if that is not to your fancy you can customise your cards with mini symbols like a wax rose, or a drawing of a rose. 


Go the extra mile and print out your wedding day programs or menus on a Beauty and the Beast inspired mirror.

Seating Chart 

The beats mirror played a big part in the movie, why not let a mirror play the most important part in your wedding too? 


Roses, or a castle cake topper should pretty much seal the deal however if you can negotiate with your baker to draw elements of the cartoon onto your cake, it’s a bonus! 


Belle is known for her iconic yellow ball gown, however in the end of the movie she also wears a beautiful floral pattern wedding dress. If yellow is not your bridal colour consider it for your bridesmaids.

Ring holder 

Rather than the traditional pillow, this ring box is engraved with the iconic red rose symbol of Beauty and the Beast.






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