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Hello readers,

Its time to model that sparkle, for my beauty blog post today, I will be discussing nail care, including my beauty routine, and current favourite products, with tips and advice on how to get your nails in top-notch condition before your wedding.

What bride doesn’t want a perfect set of nails on her wedding day? After all, there’s no better way to show off that special something on your fourth finger. Get your hands wedding-ready with the below tips.

Be prepared:
having a beautiful set of nails requires planning, you can’t just go and get your nails done on the day before your wedding and expect them to be perfect. Especially if you’re a biter. I would advise booking regular manicures at least 3 months before your wedding date, If you have a busy time schedule or running on a budget, having a professional manicure once a month should be fine, as long as you maintain a beauty routine to take care of your nails by your self in the remaining three weeks. 

Stay loyal:
No matter how far in advance you start caring for your nails, use the same manicurist throughout, so you’re on the same page and you don’t get any last-minute surprises, like ending up with round-shaped nails when you wanted square, or having your cuticles cut when all you wanted was a push-back. Once your comfortable with a manicurist, keep her close to your heart, If you’re having your ceremony in another town, consider calling her out, or do your research to ensure you find manicurists closer to your event area. 

The good stuff:
Boost your system with healthy vitamins, which would help your nails grow, such as calcium. Drinking a mixture of orange juice and Knox gelatin once a week will help strengthen nails. For best results, adopt this beauty ritual at least one month before wedding day. If you’re a nail-biter, coat your nails with polish that tastes so bitter it stops you from nibbling. 

Naked Nails:
Avoid using nail polish as often before your big day, just to give your nails a chance to breathe and grow without chipping. Swap your nail polish with a nail hardener, to top coat, which would give your nails a natural shine. (In the video below I have recommended some products) On the occasions were you would have nail polish on, try using a nail-building base coat under your polish.
When its time to be a domestic goddess, protect your nails from harsh chemicals by wearing rubber gloves when doing dishes and other household chores. Steer clear of dish soap. Soak hands instead in warm water made sudsy with your favorite shampoo. Apply a heavy dose of hand cream at bedtime to prevent dry, cracking skin. To really do it right, cover with cotton gloves so it soaks in while you doze. Use a nail file rather than clippers to maintain the length and shape of your nails, you may also want to ward off the chips and splits by buffing nails nightly with a smoothing block. 
On your toes:
Don’t forget to plan for a pedicure. Even if your toes won’t show when you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to have soft feet and perfectly painted toenails on your wedding night.

 (Click here for more inspiration)

Current favourite products:

  • Hard as Nails – Sally Hansen
  • Base coat & Ridge filler by – Seche
  • Buffer – Can be found in any drug store
  • Cuticle oil – Sally Hansen
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