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Choosing the Perfect Pair of Bridal Shoes



Hello readers,

Today’s post will include some really helpful tips to consider while choosing your bridal shoes. After finding the perfect dress, you are going to want to start shoe shopping, unlike buying any other pair, choosing your wedding shoes can be slightly more complicated, as you have a lot of key factors to consider.

  • No high heel shoe is comfortable, however, its best to pick an appropriate height. You might have fallen in love with a pair of skyscraper heels but remember you’re going to have to walk down the aisle in them, stand for photographs in them, maybe dance in them and walk around all day. Wobbling around on heels that are too high isn’t a good look and you don’t want to catch a high spiky heel in your dress either.
  • Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life, on your big day you want to feel special, Even if your dress is floor length, giving your guests the occasional peak of an exquisite pair of shoes will make you feel like a true princess! Wedding shoes don’t have to be boring – combine classic style with fashionable detailing and you’ll love them for years.
  • Once you purchase your shoes, wear them around the house (on carpet), purely to stretch them out slightly, and get used to them. You don’t want to be standing for hours in a brand new pair of shoes on your wedding day.
  • When you return for your fitting, make sure you bring your shoes with you. The dressmaker will need to know the exact height of your shoes so she can adjust your dress accordingly.
  • Match your shoes to the theme, and venue:
    Think about the type of wedding you’re having. If you’re planning a country garden wedding where you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors then wedges or flats would be a good option, or wear heel protectors.
  • Don’t be scared to get colourful. Just because your dress is white or ivory, doesn’t mean your shoes have to match the dress, splash out with a colourful statement piece. 

I hope you found the above tips helpful. In the blog posts to follow, I will feature some gorgeous shoe styles, from various suppliers, in aim to inspire you while shoe shopping.


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