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You & Your Bridesmaids – Outfit Planning

If you’re a bride to be, you’re probably stressed out with the lengthy list of things you have to think about in order to have a perfect wedding day. This includes deciding on a wedding theme, type of music and decorations, finding a suitable venue and a caterer that will ensure finger-licking food, and of course – choosing a head-turning wedding gown that will make you shine. Yet another thing to think about is planning bridesmaids’ outfits! There are a lot of fresh trends when it comes to matching your bridesmaids’ gowns and you can step away from the traditional, outdated one-dress-fits-them-all uniformed look. Read on to find out how you can be savvy with finding the perfect dresses for your entire bridal party.

Start on time

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Planning a wedding can be nerve-wracking, but if you’re good at organizing – it doesn’t have to be. Start planning outfits about seven months before your big day: you’ll be more relaxed and the whole process of finding the perfect dresses will be exciting and fun! Include your bridesmaids in the process and arrange brunches or coffee meetings where you can discuss outfit options together. Decide on the color, length, material, and the overall style of the dresses. A great way to find inspiration is browsing Pinterest: organize your pin boards and slowly get a sense of what you want. Of course, you’re the bride and you have the final say. However, with your bridesmaids participating and expressing their opinions, you’re more likely to reach a consensus. They’ll feel appreciated and more joyful on your big day.

Embrace the mismatched trend


It might seem impossible to please everyone. One of your bridesmaids hates wearing pink, some don’t feel comfortable wearing a backless dress, others might prefer maxi dresses instead of the knee-length ones. How do you handle this hectic situation? If you want every single one of your bridesmaids to feel comfortable, embrace the mismatched trend. Many brides choose to do so, which makes their weddings more vivid and laidback. Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll have an ugly patchwork of outfits that are completely arbitrary. When choosing the right bridesmaid dresses, you may want to give them the freedom of choice, but also set some ground rules. It doesn’t have to be monochromatic but stay within the same range of shades. It doesn’t have to be the same length but stick with the same material. The mismatched trend is like the no-makeup trend: it does require some effort, but you don’t want to make it too obvious.

Sparkling sequins and metallic details


Metallic bridesmaid dresses are the eye-catching wedding trend for 2016! From rose gold, to copper and silver – you can find beautiful dresses in different cuts and styles. If you don’t wish to go all in, pick dresses that have metallic details: they are usually incorporated through patterns or statement decorations. This trend can also be a part of the mismatched approach, even if you want to play with different materials. For example, rose gold tiny-sequined bridesmaid dress can be matched with a pastel pink dress of a completely different fabric (e.g. satin) – as long as they are the same length and fall into the same style category.

Consider the theme and venue    

If you have a specific wedding theme that goes beyond the classifications such as “fairy-tale like” or “romantic”, you have to dress appropriately and that includes your bridesmaids and guests, too. If it’s a beach wedding, avoid formal maxi gowns and opt for the short playful ones. If it’s book-inspired, you need to think it through. For example, the Great Gatsby wedding themes have become increasingly popular, so you need to adapt the apparel – think vintage from the jazz-era.

Think outside of the box

Bridesmaids don’t have to wear dresses! Opt for a vivid colored skirt with a nice print and a simple white shirt. It’s bold, chic, and your bridesmaids can wear them on other occasions, too!

There are some ideas on how you can come up with the perfect outfit for your bridesmaids. Wedding is a beautiful milestone in one’s life, so don’t stress out over nothing.

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