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Tips No One Tells You About Changing Your Name

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Hello readers,

Name change, is something of tradition, in this day and age some women rarely change their surnames to that of their husbands. I am still deciding what I will be doing in regards to that. I may even pull a Kim Kardashian move and add my husband’s name after mine. Whether you’re following tradition and taking your husband’s name, hyphenating, or making any other change you want legally recognised (Of course, these same steps apply to him if he’s changing his name too.) In today’s post I will discuss the top tips no one tells you about before changing your name. 

The good news is that this is not yet another task you need to accomplish before the wedding. Until you receive your signed and sealed marriage certificate back from the registrar, you won’t be able to begin the official name change process. 

Don’t Change your name before you go on Honeymoon.
If you are travelling abroad for your honeymoon, wait until after your return to change your name. Given the fact that your ticket will need to match the name on your passport, and even if you’re not travelling abroad, all airlines now require a photo I.D. which matches the name on the ticket.

It takes time, and patience.
Changing your name on a magazine subscription can be easy, however not everything would run so smoothly. Others will require the patience of a saint. It’s best to be over-prepared, keep a file of important documents at the ready and tote it along on each name changing adventure. 

Your marriage certificate will get more views than Youtube.
Everyone, will need to see your marriage certificate before legally changing your name. The satellite company, the bank, government figures. My advise would be to order a few copies, and print a few more. You may want to keep a copy on you at all times because the second you leave it at home, someone will inevitably want to see it. Trust me.

Your signature will look funny.
getting used to signing with different letters may take some time. specially if you’re a cursive fan, my advice would be to practice it a few times, before using the signature on official paper work. It may take up to a year to perfect it. 

You may lose your club points/frequent-flyer miles.
There are so many things you absolutely must change, from bank accounts to government issued IDs, that when you get to the “other” stuff, you’re exhausted. Depending on the airline, you may have to place a phone call or send them copies of every piece of said government-issued identification (oh, and your marriage certificate) in order to have those miles converted to the new you. Some airlines may be a pain and make you pay for the change, others might be more easy-going. 

Your identity will be questioned.
With all the changes you’ll be making, it’s highly probable your new credit card may arrive before, say, your driver’s license. This might get awkward when you’re picking up a bottle of wine. Flash the ring and plead newlywed. Or show the cashier that crumpled copy of your marriage certificate you’ve been toting around for months.

You may almost miss your doctor’s appointment.
It will take some time before you get used to hearing your new last name. You may sit in your doctor’s office waiting room and listen to a nurse call it several times before jumping out of your seat and apologising. People will look at you like funny. Don’t worry you’ll adjust before your next checkup.

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