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On a delightful afternoon I was invited to one of the most unique and iconic cake shops in Brighton – Choccywoccydoodah. Unlike most cake shops Choccywoccydoodah has become a local attraction, people from all around the world visit the shop to admire the magnificent pieces of art that are actually fully edible. Choccywoccydoodah’s success landed a hit TV show on the Good Food Channel, where they demonstrated just how they create spectacular cakes made purely from chocolate – yes that’s 100% chocolate – no hard icing, and no butter cream. On my visit I met with Daniel Collenette – PA to the creative director, over an out standing hot chocolate, and tasting cake (which had a selection of different flavours all in one piece), Daniel shared with me the inside scoop on how these edible masterpieces are created, and most importantly everything brides need to know about Choccywoccydoodah. 

Unlike most wedding cakes Choccywoccydoodah’s designs are bespoke and unique to every client, if you have an idea or image that you would like to incorporate into your wedding cake, their creative team can bring that image to life using chocolate, as crazy as it sounds chocolate can be moulded into different shapes to creating spectacular figures. Daniel continued to explain the advantages of bespoke wedding cakes:

A bespoke wedding cake reflects the clients personal style, therefore it would never ‘run out of fashion’ like the current mainstream wedding trends that tend to have a short lifespan.”

Choccywoccydoodah deliver their masterpieces anywhere in the UK, and if you are hosting your wedding local to Brighton Monday – Friday there is no delivery charge. Each cake is delivered fully constructive and they don’t require stands, this is because a 3 tier cake from Choccywoccydoodah is 25% taller than a regular wedding cake meaning you get more for your money. With a minimum of three months notice clients can book an appointment to visit the chocolate emporium in either Brighton or London where they get to sit in the Love chair, and discuss their wedding cake with a consultant, and sample some delicious cake. Alternatively Choccywoccydoodah also offer online bookings, and telephone consultations, but my advice would be to visit the store closest to you, as the experience is something out of this world. Daniel also explained that clients who go through the online system, or have telephone consultations are sent out samples of their delicious cake, with a choice of various flavoured sponges; Lemon, Coconut, Amaretto, Ginger, Chocolate, Chocolate with Orange, and a Boozy fruit cake, it’s impossible not to find what you are looking for. 

Choccywoccydoodah takes your fairytale and transforms it into a chocolate story”

Q 1-  What is the most unusual cake design requested?

Daniel: The craziest request we had in terms of time frame, was a 10 day notice to create a 6ft, 360 degree decorated cake for a 70th birthday party. Usually our cakes are only decorated from the front as that’s the most dominant part. The decoration consisted of roses, and leaves, a real 

Q 2- Can couples save the top-tier of their wedding cake for their first anniversary?

Daniel: Yes certainly, however we would advise couples to store the cake for approx. 6 months, because our cakes have more of a dense texture to them almost like pudding.

Q3- What would you say is 2017 most popular wedding cake trend ?

Daniel: Towards the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 we have seen a popular rise in the requests for the colour green, and we have produced a number of cakes with green leaf details, and wild growing plants. I believe this will continue to increase towards the end of 2017. 

Choccywoccydoodah is more than just a regular cake shop, there are ‘Secret spaces’ in both Brighton and London branches were customers can host private functions. In the Brighton store for example they have the ‘Witches Kitchen’ an enchanted section fully decorated as if you are in a real witches kitchen, this mystical space can accommodate up to 10 guests for 2 hours at the cost of £300, which includes a welcome drink of strawberry champagne milkshake and delicious treats to follow. The London store I am yet to visit however Daniel told me that it has a ‘Secret Garden’ which I am intrigued to know more about. These beautifully decorated spaces are ideal for hen parties, or bridal showers, so ladies for more details contact your closest Choccywoccydoodah shop. 





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