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How to Choose your Wedding Bands


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It’s time to choose your wedding bands as a couple, it is an important aspect of the wedding after all, you have so many questions to ask and don’t know where to begin! I don’t blame you there are so many options these days, and your never quiet sure what to choose. Here are my top tips on how to choose your wedding bands.

Start Searching

You can never know what you want unless you browse this will help build up your basic knowledge of what to expect when purchasing your band. The best part is, you can try on as many rings as you want before you find the perfect one. Ideally you should do this two to three months before the big day, as you will need sometime to browse. If you are going to customise your rings this may also take more time, so work within a reasonable time frame budding up to the wedding.


According to your personal circumstances, and your wedding budget you will have a clear idea of how much you can spend. It’s always easier to work with a budget in place, if you don’t have an amount set, then its best to discuss figures with you future spouse.

Narrow Down your Search

After browsing, you will have a more clear idea of what you want your wedding band to look like ( Plain, Engraved, Diamonds, Gold, Rose gold, Matching etc.). Workout these questions, and narrow down your choices to at least 3 designs, and 3 stores.

Choose Together

Engagement rings are always a surprise (at least for most couples) therefore consider shopping for your wedding bands together, not only is it fun but you can try the bands on together, to see what they will look like on both your hands. It is also a good way to include your spouse in the wedding planning process.

Comfort and Lifestyle

Remember you are going to be wearing your band every day, so you want something ideal, and comfortable. After all the last thing you need is to take it off and risk loosing it. If you play sports or an instrument, look for a slimmer ring with rounded edges. If you are more hands on consider a solid metal ring rather than attached gemstones that may come loose, or gather dirt.

Consider Different Styles

Ask your jeweller for their opinion on what you are looking for, you will be surprised but you may fall in love with a design you never imagined to have, it’s just like wedding dress shopping. Take your time trying rings on, you want to adjust to the feel of the ring, if it is a diamond band then maybe the diamonds would bother your finger. Just be sure of your choice as it’s the most important of them all.


Your wedding band is going to stay with you forever, try to choose a timeless design so that you will feel comfortable wearing it even if the trend changes, a ring that you would love and you can picture yourself wearing for a long time. You can always upgrade on your anniversary or at  later stage by adding diamonds.


Once you have chosen your design its time to get the size right. When the jeweller measures your finger, you need to take in consideration that with heat for example in the summer your hands might slightly expand, or during pregnancy. It’s always best to get the ring a few inches bigger so that it fits comfortably but doesn’t fall off your finger. 

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