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How to Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

We have collaborated with Karl from Freak Music – One of the UK’s leading providers of wedding music and live entertainment, to get the inside scoop on how to choose your wedding entertainment straight from the experts. Couples and event planners can use Freak Music to identify acts, build shortlists, and enquire and book their wedding entertainment online.

The popularity of live music at weddings is growing. There’s no doubt that, while having a DJ can still provide a great experience, the mood and atmosphere of a wedding party can be much improved when you opt for a live singer or band.

When you’re planning a wedding, you have a whole range of things to get excited – and stressed! – about. We don’t believe that choosing a wedding band should be any source of stress at all. In fact, it’s probably one of the things that causes unnecessary worry, considering how easy it can be to find one.

Here’s a quick guide to help you find your live wedding music stress and hassle free.

Where to Begin

Not sure where to start?


  1. Having a few nights out at locations where live bands play. If you prefer a particular genre of music, then target these venues for your nights out.
  2. Asking friends and family members. It’s amazing how quickly a group text, WhatsApp message, or social media request for recommendations can leave you with a wealth of options.
  3. Asking your search engine of choice to help you find a wedding singer or band.

You can do all three of these suggestions, or go straight to the search engine. Do what works for you.

Once you have started to put together a shortlist – or longlist, depending on what responses you get and how clear you are on what you want – you can move onto your whittling down phase.

With Your Own Eyes

When you haven’t found a band by seeing them yourself, loving them, and then finding out if they can perform at your wedding, it always pays to try and see them live.

In some cases, we understand this may not be possible. If you want to book a band for a wedding but they’re very busy, crashing other people’s weddings to see them perform probably isn’t something you want to become famous for. When this happens, there’ll nearly always be a YouTube collection of videos you can watch to see if you like them.

Find a Wedding Band to Fit Your Wedding Theme

Remember that you want a wedding band to fit your day to perfection. The live music at your wedding is what a lot of people will remember, and if you are having your wedding day built around a specific wedding theme you have a big opportunity to round off your day brilliantly.

There isn’t too much guidance we can give you here – you know that if you have a traditional white wedding that having thrash music probably isn’t the best fit, though it’s up to you – but what we will say is that there’s always a wedding singer or band out there that fits what you’re looking for.

Whether you want understated live music, a big band, an over the top tribute act, singing waiters, a versatile cabaret, or anything else, you’ll always find something that can deliver a memorable party for you and for your guests.

Talk to the Venue

The biggest problems with any elements of weddings often happen because there has been a communication breakdown somewhere. Once you have decided on a wedding venue and subsequently that you want a live band performing at your reception, you must talk to the venue. While they might try and get you to book their house band or choose from their own recommendations, all you need to do is make sure you speak to them about what they have on-site and what you need a band to bring. We’ve heard stories of bands turning up thinking the venue had professional sound equipment when they didn’t, and even stories where bands had volume restrictions to the point it was hardly worth playing.

These things don’t happen very often, but you just know they’re likely to happen to you when you don’t ask. Better safe than sorry and all that!

Choosing Your Wedding Band

That’s all there is to it! Choosing your wedding band doesn’t have to be stressful, and if you use this as your guide you’ll find you can do it quickly, easily, and give yourself loads more time to find a dress!


This guest blog post was composed by Karl from Freak Music.







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