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Choosing your Bridal Party

Bridesmaids/Maids of Honour proposalsHello Readers,

In today’s post I am going to cover one of the most important  planning decisions all Brides have to make at some point, choosing her Bridesmaids. I will include some super creative ideas on how to ask them, and a few guidelines as well as advice on whom to choose.

Every wedding has a Bridal party, it is a tradition that is followed within all cultures. The party usually consists of a Maid of Honour/Matron of Honour, Bridesmaids, Chief Bridesmaid, and flower girls. There is no actual order or rules as to what you have, or how many you choose, however it is advised to keep your bridesmaids at an even number.

Brides may find it difficult choosing their bridesmaids, for several reasons, most common ones can be:

  • They may have more friends than they can have bridesmaids.
  • The girls may not live in the same country as the Bride. (This can be difficult as a bride would need full support from her girls, in planning and appointments)
  • At times the bride her self may have been asked previously to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, and feel the need to return that gesture.

I would personally advise you to choose your closets of friends, ones that have supported you, and been there for you when you needed them the most. After all being a bridesmaid is an important duty. You need to know that you can trust and rely on them throughout the planning process and practically on your wedding day, as you may be nervous, and need support. Therefore in relation to the points I mentioned above distance is not an obstacle when it comes to true friendship. As for point number 3, you most certainly do not need to feel the pressure or guilt of not asking the girl who made you a bridesmaid at her wedding, to be one at yours. Remember this is your day, and you need to do what makes you feel comfortable.

Choosing a Maid of Honour is often the easiest decision a bride makes, as she would already know the answer to that question instantly. Maid of honours are usually sisters, or in some cases best friends. They hold the most important role in helping the bride prepare and organise for her wedding. In most cases they also host the bridal shower, and get the naughty bridesmaids in line, so that Bridezilla doesn’t have to interfere. LOL 

maid of honour

Now its time to get creative, and be inspired by the below examples of how to propose to your bridesmaids/maid of honour:

(Click here for more inspiration)

(most of these products are available to buy on Esty, I will link them below)

As for my story, I used two different creative methods to ask my bridesmaids. For my friends in the UK, I purchased from Esty the below post card, adding the text my self. I used the traditional something old, something new, and something blue. I also purchased some stickers, and not forgetting that every girl needs a ring, I included the old school candy lollipop ring. For my bridesmaids who live abroad I was inspired by a Pintrest image, that I downloaded, and then with my design skills added hearts and lips. Slightly changed the words, and included their names individually to make it more personal. My Maid of Honour is my amazing sister ♥. I couldn’t have chosen a better person for the job. I got slightly more creative and DIY with this one, as I purchased a small box, a lollipop ring, alphabet stickers, and some tissue paper to put together a mini proposal idea.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I have inspired you to create your own project on how to propose to your bridesmaids. I have plenty of more ideas to share with you in my upcoming posts, so if your interested in reading them please subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the subscription box below. (I promise no spam just blog posts 🙂 )

Best of luck my beautiful brides to be.













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