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Colour Schemes for Summer Weddings


Hello readers,

Today I am going to discuss colour schemes. In particular summer themed colours, which are perfect for a June-August wedding. Summer time is non-stop wedding season, so if you are planning to have a summer wedding, I would highly suggest you book your venue in advance.

Don’t you just love summer weddings? The bright colours, amazing style dresses, and the great outdoors. As you can guess I am an extremely colourful person, and I take advantage of a beautiful summers day to splash out with a little bit of colour. Especially while living in England, at times we experience 4 seasons in one day, so as soon as the sun comes out, we tend to get over excited.

The latest colour trends for Summer 2015 are:

  • Purples (Light to Dark)
  • Corals (Orange to Peach tones)
  • Turquoise
  • Lime green
  • Pastel shades (pink,blue,yellow)
  • Reds & Fuchsias 

Ideally I would suggest you choose a dominant colour such as a dark purple for example, and surroundings to be lighter tones (baby pinks, and lilacs) forming a contrast. I have grown fond of the Ombré theme when it comes to weddings, that way the bride can include one of her favourite colours in all shades (Darker to lighter). 

While researching colour schemes, I found Design-Seeds website very helpful, as they have a wide range of colour coordination to choose from. Below are some examples of the latest summer colour trends:

Choosing the right coordination depends on the type of wedding you are having, you must take into consideration all the surroundings for example:

  • Beach weddings = I would choose coral, pastels, or turquoise, even a combo of all three sound good, as it would blend in nicely with your surroundings.
  • For outdoor garden weddings = I would personally avoid greens, as you would most likely be surrounded by grass/trees. Therefore I would say super colourful, darker fuchsia shades, or a stand out all bright white.
  • Church weddings and marquees= Pastels all the way, something light and soft to really bring out the area, and make it look more spacious. (Lime green, baby pink, baby lilac accompanied with creams and whites)

To help you make a decision on what you would like for your special day, below are some ideas and inspirations of the colours put together: 

It really comes down to personal preference, and inspiration. It took me a while to decide on my wedding colours, which hopefully I can share with you soon. 






Photo credits: Beyond BeyondDesign-Seeds


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