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Creative ways to add Champagne into your wedding

Champagne is historically used to mark special occasions, and there is plenty to celebrate at a wedding. Whether you are serving champagne welcome drinks, or simply getting creative with wedding favours, here are some genius ideas on how to incorporate a little bubbly into your wedding day. 

As we are approaching the national champagne day on the 31st December, it is a perfect time to find your ideal champagne brand before you serve it at your wedding. 

Signature cocktail/Welcome drink 

While your guests begin to arrive provide them with a signature cocktail, or welcome drink. Ask your bartender to craft champagne based cocktails for you to try, once you have chosen your favourite give it a unique name to fully customise it for your wedding. Spice things up with extra decorative details according to your theme. 

Champagne Entertainment 

Give your guests something to talk about, entertain your guests during your wedding with a champagne diva. The table and chandler like tray is usually attached to the entertainers waist, allowing her to move around the room offering beverages to all your guests. 

Escort/Place cards 

Guide your guests to their place with a glass of bubbly, set up a table near the entrance with place cards elegantly attached to the glasses. 

Champagne tower

Roll on the celebrations Gatsby style, wow your guests with a champagne tower. To avoid things getting messy, hire a professional bartender to guide you and your spouse as you pour the champagne down this marvellous tower. 

Champagne flavoured cake

Ask your baker to include your favourite bubbly into your wedding cake or even cupcakes, as a subtle way to add flavour into your sponge. 

Champagne guest book

Get creative with your guest book, have your guests sign a big bottle of champagne for you and your spouse to pop open months later while you’re watching your wedding video. 

Champagne centrepieces 

Think outside of the box, and make your favourite champagne apart of your wedding centrepiece. Go the extra mile and customise these bottles with your wedding date or initials.

Champagne welcome baskets 

Mini bottles of bubbly, and snacks will surely get your guests in the party mood. 

Wedding favours

From mini champagne bottles to champagne chocolates, send your guests away with mini bubbly goodies. Go the extra mile and customise a mini thank you message to show your gratitude. 







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