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Delicious Items to add to your Wedding Menu

Choosing your wedding day menu is the second most important thin you do after choosing your venue. After all that’s what will keep your guests happy, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to have a menu that is not up to standard, or hungry guests. That being said choosing your wedding menu is usually easy, as most venues do all the hard work for you, leaving you with a selection of set menu’s to choose from. To keep your special day stress free I have put together a selection of delicious additions to add to your wedding menu, that will ensure your guests sit through the speeches with a smile and dance the night away until the early hours.

The key is to put as much personality into your menu as the rest of your wedding details. Consider the day and night as a whole, and carefully map out the food throughout, think about how you like to eat at weddings, or throughput a busy day that will be a mixture of sitting down, mingling, and hitting the dance floor, and go from there.

Miniature Bites

Image from Sainsbury’s Magazine

Finger food is a great way to keep your guests entertained before main events, and they are particularly useful during the reception. Add a personal touch by minimising both you and your partners favourite foods into small canapés, that could be anything from spring rolls to ice-cream cones. Guests will rave about how cute and tasty they are.

Build your own 

Image from Something Turquoise

There is nothing more entertaining than a DIY food or drink bar, it’s surely a trend that has taken Pinterest by storm, why not recreate it at your wedding? Whether sweet or savoury you can easily put together a craft creation bar that will have your guests queuing in line for. 

Edible Escort Cards

image from Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Take a seat and a treat! help guide your hungry guests to their seats, which would not only make an ideal snack but also keep them happy till their starters arrive. 

Edible Favours

What better way to thank your guests for coming then with something sweet to take home? a box of mini doughnuts or macaroons for example that guests can enjoy either in the wedding or the following day. If you are hosting a themed wedding, you can cater your favours around your theme, whether that being colour or design. Mini wedding cakes have also become increasingly popular, have your caterer design a mini version of your cake for your guests to remember your special day by.

Curated Food and Drink Pairings

image from colin cowie weddings

Pairing your food with wine, champagne, or liquors is one of the biggest wedding day trends to date. Imagine champagne and caviar, or wine and cheese, tacos and margaritas. The possibilities are endless, so think outside the box and get creative.

Mad about Doughnuts 

We have all fallen in-love with the numerous doughnut walls we see on social media, for a more sophisticated affair consider serving doughnuts in a vintage goblet with a selection of different sauces, or ditch the wedding cake for a doughnut tower (it’s very Gatsby).

Fancy Comfort Food

Guests love comfort food, with a little creativity in mind you can easily change the presentation from casual to something more formal, and wedding worthy.  

Don’t Forget the Vegans 

When choosing your wedding menu you will need to consider everyone, from vegans to meat eaters. Therefore you will need at least 1 or 2 vegan options on the list, that can be enjoyed by everyone. Consider adding mini bites that are filling such as falafel sliders, or sushi rolls. 











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