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Entertainment Ideas for your Wedding

Wedding entertainment plays an important aspect on your special day, not only does it keep your guests amused throughout the night, but it is also helps fill empty time during the wedding for example; during the dinner a live musician will score you extra points on the wow factor board. While planning your wedding it is easy to forget entertainment as you are busy choosing flowers, and dresses for your bridesmaids etc. Whether you choose a live performance or a DJ to encourage your guests to dance the night away we have a few inspirational entertainment ideas to help you plan the perfect entertainment for your wedding.

Tribute Band

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Whether you are a nineties fan or prefer music from the sixties, there will be a tribute act doing the rounds at events and functions all over the country. Research your particular band of choice according to the genre of music you prefer and try to see them perform live, to grasp an understanding of how they will perform at your wedding. After you have chosen a band, discuss costing, and see if they are available on the date of your wedding. Once you have successfully chosen your tribute band refer to your wedding plan to fit them in, this could be during your first dance or after dinner, the choice is all yours.


Music is essential at a wedding and the most popular wedding entertainment these days are DJ’s, as they play a variety of music according to your preferences. That being said it is often hard to find the appropriate DJ to play at your wedding, a good way to scout out your DJ is at friends weddings, that way you can really put them to the test and see how they perform. Alternatively research a DJ agency who will work with you to find the most appropriate DJ to suit your requirements.


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If you have a strict wedding budget you may not be able to stretch as far as a band or DJ, and that’s ok you can still have a great wedding without one. Choosing your wedding music can be a fun DIY project for you and your future spouse. The easiest and most convenient method would be to set up a playlist on your MP3 player full of the tunes that mean something to you as well as some wedding classics. Most venues have an exceptional sound system so, although you won’t have a physical presence providing the music, you’ll still have a dancefloor waiting to be filled.








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