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We have all seen the rising trend of flip-flops at weddings, whether they are slippers for your bridesmaids to get ready in, or a basket for your guests to keep their dancing feet happy. We can’t deny our love for these wedding accessories, after all you want your guests to be comfortable (they will stay longer). Last month at the Wedding Fair ExCel I met with the lovely Eleanor Ferry founder of Fabelle London, the UK’s most exclusive wedding flip-flops and barefoot sandal specialists. 

Fabelle-London was established in London 2015, by footwear designer Eleanor Ferry. As a keen footwear enthusiast Eleanor was always seen to start the day or party in a pair of skyscraper heels, always reverting to a spare pair of flats or flip-flops before the night was out – noticing that the people to retire earliest where those in heels, she had a brainwave… and Fabelle-London was born!

Having worked as a high-street footwear designer for many years Eleanor used her knowledge and experience of footwear to create a range of affordable yet comfortable wedding flip-flops and barefoot sandals that would add a touch of style to any wedding, event or special occasion.  All the styles are made from the softest available materials ensuring that they provide the perfect relief from aching feet, and the dual sizing ensures that the flip-flops are a good fit on everyone. 

Each pair of  flip-flops comes individually tied with a correct size label and packaged in a reusable organza bag – perfect for storing those abandoned heels. Whether it is just a girl’s night out, a wedding or a large function, Fabelle’s flip-flops provide a great solution for those aching feet. The flip-flops are presented in one of our wonderful party boxes or beautiful handmade crates (which can be fully customised to suit your day) and can be ordered in any ratio to suit your guest list!

Fabelle’s range of barefoot sandals provide the perfect footwear accessory to bare feet or plain shoes, perfect for that romantic stroll across a beach or ideal to add a touch of sparkle to your favourite heels. Their barefoot sandals are all fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable and elegant fit on all feet. The lightweight finish ensures they are comfortable and easy to wear. Each pair of barefoot sandals comes packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

Delivery – Fabelle London offers UK and international delivery options on all our products and this can be selected at checkout. They aim to deliver all of their products within 1 week for non-customised items and 4 weeks for custom orders. 

Packages –  Fabelle offers a wide range of packages to choose from online and they can also create a custom package for you. Simply use the contact page on their website. 

Party boxes contain 10 pairs of flip-flops in a range of sizes (2 x small 5 x medium and 3 x large) and are great for destination weddings as the lightweight box can be flat packed for easy transportation abroad and reassembled on arrival. 

Fabelle’s handmade crates contain 20-30 pairs of flip-flops and their unique crate tower contains 40- 60 pairs. Offering a personalisation service on all of their crates and unique crate tower. These are made to order, so please allow an extra week or so for these to be created. These make a great keepsake and memento for you and your partner after the big day!

I was so inspired by Fabelle’s products, and Eleanor’s enthusiasm I was keen to ask more questions: 

  • What inspired you to start Fabelle?

I was inspired to start Fabelle when I noticed that so many people were too tired and sore at weddings to join in the dancing –  and I was often the last one standing, in my pre-packed flip-flops. I initially thought that the flip-flops and slippers would be great for the dancing at weddings and parties, providing the perfect favour for those in need, and encouraging everyone to continue partying until the early hours. However, I soon noticed that they were being worn by guests earlier on in the day, when they tired of sinking in grass, or struggled walking over poor terrain. 

The barefoot sandals for me are the ultimate footwear accessory! I myself have that staple pair of courts, that despite being completely dull, they are endlessly comfortable and I end up wearing them with all my outfits. The barefoot sandals quickly transform the look of the shoe and people don’t realise they are the same pair of shoes! As a keen traveller they have also been the perfect beach accessory. They provide a real bit of glamour around the pool too!

  • Which product is your favourite from your collection? 

That is so difficult! I love them all! However I have got a real soft sport for the Charlotte barefoot sandal and the white and silver jelly flip-flop. These have been the styles I have had the most wear out of and they go with almost all my outfits!

  • In relation to your products, what would you say is 2016’s most popular wedding trend?

2016 has seen a lot of people going for the rose inspired designs. The rose print flip-flop and the lola barefoot sandal have been really popular.

  • What advice would you give future brides?

My advice for future brides is enjoy every moment and don’t allow yourself to get stressed over the small things! Take a moment to just be with your partner and take it all in, it really will go so quickly – so cherish it!

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