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Inspiration for a Fashionista Bride


Hello readers,

Today’s post will include the top 7 inspirational ideas to take your bridal look to the next level. Want something more for your wedding day? Be bold, and different, give your social media circle something to stalk with these fashion-forward bridal looks.

Ditch the heels:
Bend the rules a little bit, put the high heels aside, and co-ordinate with your groom or bridal party to wear sneakers! They don’t have to be plain, Add a little bridal bling. If you don’t want them to show all night then you can keep them hidden under your gown, and you’re guaranteed casual-cool comfort all night long.

Fascinate with a Fascinator: 
Ditch the long traditional cathedral veil, for a more modern 1920’s look, with a fascinator veil. Works perfectly as a statement piece, hold your hair back with no clips, and can easily be removed.

A dash of colour:
If white has never been your thing, don’t feel obligated to wear it just because it’s your wedding day. A colorful dress can look equally as bridal, but feel much more “you.”

Cover ups:
Accessories with unusual cover ups. Mix in casual, ready-t0-wear pieces with your formal gown to stay warm on chilly nights.

Short dresses:
Not every bridal gown has to be long, if your feeling your inner fashionista calling, then opt for a shorter dress. Consider a tea length dress, that has the volume of a traditional ball gown but the ease of a shorter style. You won’t have to worry about bustling your train or tripping over your hem.

Bold accessories:
What is that saying, go big or go home? Your gown is stunning on its own, but large, oversize accessories can really set your look apart. Try a gold choker necklace, floral hairpiece, or both!

Colourful beauty tips:
Nearly all brides have french manicures, and nude lips for their wedding day. Time to spice things up with a bold lip colour, you can play with color when you throw on a bold red or pink lip. Your lipstick can pack the perfect punch on your wedding day. But don’t forget to match your nail polish too.

I hope this post has inspired you to be bold on your wedding day. Please share your amazing looks with us using the #ATouchofWhite on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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