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Floral Letter Display – DIY


Hello readers,

Today’s post will include a video tutorial on how to create a floral letter display. It is a really creative and simple concept, suitable for weddings, engagement parties, or any event you may be hosting.

For this particular design I choose medium-sized letters, however different size letters are available. I will link the supplier below.


  • Use a sharp knife to cut one side of the letter, leaving a gap to fill with oasis (green sponge).
  • Cut the stems of the roses/flowers to the desired length.
  • You may also want to spray paint the letters from the other side.
  • In order to keep the flowers alive, soak the oasis in a bowl of water, until soft  and moist.

I hope you enjoyed the video, and I have inspired you to create something of your own. For more DIY inspiration please click here.

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