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This seasons hottest bridal accessory; flower crowns are on full bloom, they can add subtle colour, texture, and natural beauty to a wedding day look. Whether you are using the crown for brides, bridesmaids, or flower girls, we have a design that will blow you away. 


Flower crowns are believed to date back to ancient Greece, they are known to add personality and interest to your wedding day style. In its many forms flower crowns have come to symbolise everything from love and fertility to simple celebration.

Incorporating flower crowns to your wedding day look is easy, as they are the most flexible bridal accessory that matches nearly every hairstyle, whether you’re having a full updo, half up, or loose locks. Not to mention flower crowns are a great accessory for young flower girls who may not be able to sit still through a long hairstyling. Pinning in a halo of flowers takes just a couple of minutes, making for an easy alternative to formal hairstyles. 

There are so many styles, and designs to choose from, simply choose a colour scheme and start exploring the possibilities. Below are various ways in which you can wear this beautiful wedding day accessory.

White Flowers

White flower crowns are the most popular choice when it comes to weddings, for bride or bridesmaids. They can be worn in various ways, Here are our favourites:

Brides ♥

Bridesmaids/Flower girls ♥

Pink Flowers

The second most popular colour for flower crowns ranging from baby pinks to vibrant pinks, these floral blooms are guaranteed to blend in nicely with any wedding theme.

Brides ♥


Bridesmaids/Flower girls ♥

Blue Flowers: 

Something blue? As hard as it is to find blue flowers, you can always incorporate elements of blue into your crown.

Brides ♥

Other Colours:

Experiment with different colours within your wedding theme. 

Lara sign






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