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Geode Wedding Ideas

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There is a new wedding trend alert, and we think it totally rocks! Geodes are kind of a big thing right now. These gorgeous gems are suitable for nearly every event, If you are unfamiliar with Geodes they are a type of rock with sparkling crystals on the inside while agate slices have lovely unique patterns in both vibrant and soft colors.

Whether your hosting a summer or winter wedding this stylish trend blends nicely within your decoration. Here’s how to add the right amount of crystal inspired geode to your wedding day. 

What I love most about geode inspired weddings is that you are not limited to one colour or shade, as it creates an optical illusion of an ombre effect, combining multiple colours in a creative and elegant form. 


Wedding invitations are the first impressions your guests receive about your wedding, guiding their expectations i.e. Boho theme, Black tie event etc. Therefore we advise if your going all out with a geode inspired invitation stick to the natural design of the rock, incorporating your colour theme within. 

Place Cards and Table Numbers 

A subtle yet creative way to add geodes on your wedding tables can be by place cards (they can also be apart of your guests wedding favours) or table numbers, pick a bright colour that matches your theme and stand out against the table linens. 


From hanging Geodes to table runners, the possibilities are limitless. 

Sweet tooth 

When I first discovered this unusual trend it was on wedding cakes, the Colorado cake designer Rachael Teufel owner of Intricate icings. The geode effect is created using a combination of rock candy and granulated sugar, which makes it completely edible and a perfect fit for wedding cakes. Not stopping at cakes, you can implant geodes to your candy buffet, or signature refreshments using sugar canes.

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