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Hello Readers,

Welcome to my first post on A Touch of White. An explanation about this Blog and what to expect in the future can be found on my About page. So please make sure you check it out before/after reading this post. When planning an important event such as a wedding, it’s important to get organised, especially for the bride to be. Knowing exactly what you like, and what you want to achieve. So with no further due, let’s get organised! ♥♥

Congratulations! For those of you who have taken the plunge, and made one of the biggest decisions of all! You’re getting MARRIED!! After all the “Congratulations” and “Let me see your ring!” people are going to start asking, “when’s the big day?” and then reality will kick in, and you will need to start planning your special day. That is when the fun and excitement can truly begin! Of course preparing for any major event is never without its related stresses and strains, but by getting organised from the outset you will be well on the road to creating the perfect stress-free wedding. At this moment you may be having a rush of ideas, dress, cake, flowers, venue, and invites. The key is to stay calm and take it step by step, before becoming too preoccupied with the finer details, it is essential to put the key elements in place.

The two biggest factors to consider are your Budget and Schedule. Be realistic and practical. Remember that a successful wedding is not necessarily an expensive or an elaborate one. Most engagements last a minimum of 1 year before the couple get married, I would highly recommend that you take it slow, and do not rush your self by setting unrealistic dates. The longer the engagement the more time you have to plan, and figure out exactly what you want.

First steps to cover after the proposal are:

  • Wedding Date (This will also determine the type of wedding you would be having Winter/Spring/Summer this is an important factor to bear in mind while planning, as it affects the colours, venue, and theme)
  • Budget (You would want to consult your partner, and parents for this step.)

Once you have agreed on the above, this would be a good time to brainstorm you may want to do this with your partner, family, or friends for inspiration to help bring your dreams to reality. For example would you prefer a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony? Have you always wanted a traditional formal wedding, or something more informal and individual, perhaps you would like something in between? Would you consider tying the knot overseas? Do you envisage a large event with lots of guests, or a smaller, more intimate occasion? Once you ask your self the above questions, I would go with your gut feeling, so whatever you answered first is truly what you want.

Personally when I asked my self those questions, I realised that I would like an intimate wedding with my fiancée. Something where we have our nearest and dearest, who truly love us, and want to celebrate our special day. Now that you have an idea of the season you want to get married in, I would start researching ideas, colours, venues, and dresses. A touch of white will be here to inspire you throughout your journey. On our inspirational tab above, you can find categorised subsections to help you while brainstorming. You may change your mind quiet a few times, and that totally normal, god knows I have done it a bunch of times anyway. But soon you will realise a trend in your searches, and that is when you truly start to narrow down what you want.

Consult your partner on who you both would like to invite. I found it easier to create 3 lists:

  • Names of people you would like to invite.
  • The Maybe List (Guests who have a 50% chance of not attending)
  • The for Sure List (Guests who you know would 100% attend, of course you can’t anticipate this so early, however some members like family are guaranteed)

I personally found this strategy very helpful that is why I am sharing it with you, this is something I did before sending out my wedding invitations. While drafting this list, you will be surprised by the overall number of people you want to invite, therefore its best to always keep in mind the size of your wedding party.

Now that we have covered the basics, I hope this post has helped you become more organised, and relaxed. Please stay tuned for Post number two, where the fun starts.




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