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1920’s Great Gatsby Wedding Theme.

Hello readers,

Today’s post is all about the 1920’s referred to in this decade as the Great Gatsby theme inspired weddings. I will include some interesting facts about that era, as well as gorgeous dresses, and wedding decor inspiration. Lets all admit that when we watch the movie Great Gatsby we fell in love with the concept (♥A little party never killed no body ♥) well I personally did. There is just something about the 1920’s that I find interesting, and inspiring. If I could choose my past life (as they say) without a doubt I would choose the 1920’ era. The style, décor, fashion, music, and parties were fascinating, not to mention the gold, lace, pearls, and champagne.

While researching on this topic I learned some fun facts I thought I would share with you:

  • All dresses where below the knee, and ankle length.
  • With knee-length dresses women would wear short necklaces, with long dresses women wore longer necklaces.
  • When it comes to wedding gowns, women chose short dresses (knee-length) with different materials, even black velvet!
  • The traditional standard of wedding ceremonies were rejected by some, and people got married anywhere.
  • The 1920s was an era of liberation for women, and their style reflected this; the corsets were thrown out and in came the fun and flirty flapper dresses perfect for the hedonistic decades ahead. Stay true to the flapper style with the traditional straight down shift shape and opt for heavy art deco style embellishment

When creating a 1920’s themed wedding, you should think Pearls, Feathers, Gold, Black, Champagne, Whisky, and glitter! Below are some inspirational images to help you put together the perfect 1920’s themed wedding/party.


These gorgeous flapper inspired dresses, are suitable for the bride, bridesmaids, and guests. 
(Links on where and how to purchase these gowns will be listed below)

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Hair & Makeup 

Decor ♥

Accessories ♥


(Click here for more inspiration)

I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did. I will soon be uploading video tutorials on these looks, as well as DIY decor. Stay tuned 🙂 







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