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Halloween Bridal Shower

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It’s that time of the year again, where it is socially acceptable to wear costumes in public without getting stared at! A bridal shower with a Halloween theme can be a fun and inventive way to celebrate the bride-to-be, as long as the event doesn’t scare her away from the altar. There are many Halloween elements to incorporate into the shower that will add a festive touch to a special day. Today’s post will include inspiration for a Halloween themed bachelorette party.

A good bridal shower theme will incorporate many details to create a coordinated event, including decorations, food, games, and even the gifts for the bride. If you are playing dress up and wearing costumes! than Halloween would be the perfect date to do so.

  • Avoid Halloween night
    Don’t plan it on the actual holiday. Many people will want to take their kids trick-or-treating. If the shower is at someone’s home, it could get interrupted often with kids out trick-or-treating.
  • Make everyone comfortable
    Since most showers include family and friends, be sure not to offend anyone at the shower. Halloween can be a bit controversial; plan accordingly so everyone feels comfortable attending.
  • You won’t be left out!
    Going all out with costumes on Halloween is a norm, once you have chosen your theme, assure your girls that they won’t be the only group dresses up, people around you are in costumes too! that way they would feel more comfortable surrounded by the same environment.
  • Background photo bonus
    Of course we all know there will be lots of photos on the night! Take advantage of group photos, with people dressed up in the back ground it will seem like you had a bigger party!
  • Choosing a theme
    There are so many options, which makes it slightly more difficult! You may opt to give your Halloween bridal shower a theme, such as witches or vampires, in which case your decorations will be based on that theme. Otherwise, pick a Halloween color scheme and stick to it. You can decorate with shades of orange and yellow and keep the decor light and fun, or you can go a bit darker with deep purple and black. Halloween decor can look very casual or be very sophisticated, easily setting the mood for the type of bridal shower you wish to have.
  • Tick or treat
    A bridal shower traditionally means to “shower” the bride with gifts she will need for her wedding and her home. Ask guests to bring gifts that are tricks, for example:

    • Tricks for the kitchen would imply culinary gifts or recipes.
    • Tricks for the bedroom may refer to a lingerie shower.

    Be sure to explain this on the invite with wording like “Bring the bride some new tricks for her to wear for her honeymoon night” or “Share your favorite recipe trick with the bride-to-be.”

Lets Play! 

Bridal shower games can break the ice and add an element of fun to the gathering. Several options are well suited to a Halloween theme.

  • Go on an adventure: Arrange to visit a local a haunted house or corn maze for some seasonal fun.
  • Kiss the vampire: This is played like pin the tail on the donkey, except you will use a poster of a vampire and hand out red lip cut-outs. Blindfold each guest, spin her around, and point her in the direction of the vampire. See who can get the lips taped closest the vampire’s mouth.
  • Halloween bingo: Print bingo cards with words related to Halloween. You can also print blank cards and ask the guests to fill them in with words. Prepare a call list and play a game of bingo.
  • Haunted scavenger hunt: Hide a variety of Halloween themed items and give a list to each guest to find. Items can include plastic spiders, gourds, plastic teeth, and a stuffed black cat.
  • Pumpkin carving contest: Divide the group into teams and give each a pumpkin and supplies. Award prizes for most creative, scariest, and funniest.
  • Mummy wrap: Remember that traditional bridal shower game that involves splitting up into teams and creating toilet paper wedding dresses? Put a twist on the tradition and opt for a mummy wrap instead! The first mummy to be fully wrapped to the point of immobility wins. This game is sure to get some laughs.
  • The devil is in the details: About twenty minutes after your final guest arrives, whisk the bride-to-be out of the room. Then give your guests paper and pens and have them write down everything they can remember about what she was wearing, from her earrings to her shoes. Whoever remembers the most details, the “devil,” wins a prize.


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