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Holiday Season Marriage Proposals

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The holiday season is almost upon us, I can’t believe we are actually in December, it feels almost as if this year has whizzed past us. This month is the most popular time of the year to get engaged, thanks to festive decorations, champagne and sparkly lights everywhere, not to mention the family gatherings. If you are planning to get engaged during this season, below are some of my favourite festive proposals, that you may have seen once, twice, or three times before, and with good reason.

Holiday season marriage proposals

67380c99c58fe50053bc250e1572deb1Under the Mistletoe:

Kissing under mistletoe is a long-standing holiday tradition, so put a proposal spin on it and hang the ring alongside or within the mistletoe to give your significant other the most memorable kiss of their life.




e8222017709877c004975669ea5d5480Romance on Ice:

I think this would be one of my favourite proposals of the season, I have witnessed many couples propose while Ice-skating. If you are brave enough to publicly propose at an ice skating rink, then go for it. You can also arrange with a friend to film the proposal, and possibly the venue to play a certain song. However if you are more of a hold-on-the- rail type of person, consider a few lessons before your knee hits the ice. 




cd42ea88c17a5e30d9f8bb23e7c1abf4A Festive Dinner: 

If your significant other wants their entire family there when you pop the question, a holiday dinner is one of the best setups, since most, if not all, of their family is present. Everyone’s also likely to be in a festive mood, and will love this memory for years to come.





23ad4647b8fdc1ccc8fbaab9765f13c2A Diamond Under the Tree:

Surprise your significant other with an engagement ring as your Christmas gift. To add confusion, place a box in a box, i.e a larger box and make your way down, so your partner has no idea what it is. You could also fill it with heavy items or put the ring in stacking boxes to create some suspense. 





d7e3361f62ffc36d243404a5127686f3When the Clock Strikes 12:

Start the new year with a bang. Proposing when the clock strikes 12 is a sweet and unexpected surprise. Just make sure they’ll be able to hear you if you’re at a noisy party!




676422eddcd6fed142ad61939c3c4726Roof tops:

I love rooftops, nothing beats a panoramic view. One of my favourite spot is the top of the rock in the Rockefeller Centre NYC. The three-level observation deck has been the site of countless New York City proposals. In  most major cities there are many fantastic roof top locations, its best to do your research   before deciding on your venue. 





c2a888f27b16e239599cd2c14c825b92On a Sleigh Ride :

If you’re looking for a proposal with an old-fashioned feel, getting engaged in a sleigh or horse and buggy decorated with holly and bells adds a little throwback charm. Don’t forget to throw in a few heavy blankets too!




bb6554ba3b9eab1e607339f66dbf249bSomething Sweet:

We have all seen on TV the dessert proposals, I find them often a bit too messy, after all your future partner doesn’t want to wear a diamond covered in chocolate. Instead, perch the sparkler atop a dessert or in its own wrapper in the chocolate box for a more creative way to present it.




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