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Honeymoon Facts

The wedding is over, you have said goodbye to your family and loved ones, its time to whisk your spouse away, on an adventure that you will both remember for the rest of your lives. Just before you sit back and relax here are some common honeymoon facts no one tells you.

You will forget

It’s a known fact that a couple can become so occupied with planning a wedding, that they forget certain aspects, in this case it’s the Honeymoon. When you plan a normal holiday, you may take your time reading, and researching the destination to see if it would be ideal for you. You may also draft up itineraries of activities you can do while away, however booking a honeymoon is not like any other ordinary holiday, it is THE holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life, your first official steps as ‘ Husband & Wife’. Therefore we suggest, to allocate some time in between all the wedding planning to research, and discuss locations with your partner. It will all be worth it in the end, trust us! 

Extra Special 

Ever found your self staring at the couple hugging and showing extra PDA in the airport, and thought oh how clichés? Well prepare your self to become one of those, but it’s totally ok because this is your honeymoon, you are celebrating a very big and happy event, it will feel extra special, and you will be inseparable. 

Take your time

Congratulations! you have overcome the stress of planning a wedding, we know you probably have a list of activities to do before you leave, but take it easy, don’t rush your self on the first day to start ticking off your checklist. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. Prepare to go with the flow, unpack, get settled, and take it as it goes. 

It’s not all roses 

Honeymoons are meant to be romantic, but this it’s not always the case, sometimes too much sightseeing, water activities, or even the sun can take its toll. So don’t be annoyed if either of you opt for something more relaxed, like watching TV, or taking a nap, or room service. Marriage is about compromise, welcome to your first example. 

It might not run as smoothly as you planned it

Like any other holiday, or occasion not everything goes to plan. Be prepared for the unwelcome events, such as the hotel, your room may not look as glamorous as the photos online do. You might miss your flight, or get delayed in the airport, but if you roll with the punches when things go sour, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing things that go right.

It won’t last forever

It’s your first big holiday together, and your having a fantastic time, so good in fact you don’t want to come home. Before you know it, reality knocks on your door, and its home time. Look on the bright side, once your back home you can open all your wedding presents, and if your lucky, the photographer will have your  wedding photos ready. Keep the romance alive by scheduling a fun date night for the weekend after you’re back.


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