How to Host a Hot Summer Wedding

Guest Blog Post:  How to Host a Hot Summer Wedding

Every bride is different and each one wants something different, special and unique for their big day. One of the first decisions that should be made is when you will be getting married. Will you have a winter wonderland wedding, with the snow glimmering on your dress like rhinestones? Or will you be a spring princess with a floral decoration on every single corner? Or maybe you want a vamp-themed wedding, in which case autumn is the perfect setting. But for a lot of brides, their season of choice is summer. And while summer weddings are beautiful and there are so many possibilities, they have one downside: the heat. So how do you have a summer wedding without everyone present melting halfway through?

A bride’s preparation guide

The last thing you want to feel when walking down the aisle is sweat dripping down your back or your makeup melting off your face. So, do everything you can to fight the heat: choose a dress that is light and comfortable, without too much lining. If you have long hair, opt for an up-do to keep your neck and back cool. As for makeup, make sure that you – or your makeup artist – are using waterproof, mineral based makeup. Anything liquid will slide off your face at the first sight of sun, and anything heavy will make you feel uncomfortable and messy. Set your makeup with a setting spray, and make sure one of your bridesmaids is carrying some oil blotting sheets and some cooling mist to help you out in case of emergency.

Heat-repellant kits

If you choose to assemble these kits and place them around your venue for anyone to use – your guests will absolutely love you, and here is how to make them. Try and think of anything that can help your guests deal with the heat: hand fans, cooling mist sprays, small towels, hair bands and hair pins, and anything else you can think of. In the bathrooms, you can fill little baskets with packets of talcum powder to combat sweat, oil blotting sheets, makeup setters, and even small makeup kits for fix-ups if someone’s makeup melts off in the sun. All of this will help people present feel a lot more comfortable and enjoy the ceremony as well as the after party.

Choose the right venue

When it comes to dealing with the weather, the location can really make or break your wedding. While a lot of people dream of an outdoor summer wedding, if the weather is too hot, you might be better off moving the ceremony inside. And if you are really set on having it outdoors, then make sure you have tarps or sunshades that can accommodate all of your guests and large fans that will keep the air moving. If you are having trouble finding the perfect location, wedding and party planning services can be a great help since you can tell them exactly what you are looking for – for example, an outdoor space with the possibility of going inside if it gets too hot – and they will find you the perfect match. Also, it’s important to make sure that all of the food is melt-proof or kept in the refrigerator until the last possible minute. Drinks should be served constantly, or make them available in large pitchers full of ice, because you do not want any of your guests to pass out from dehydration. In these situations, it is completely appropriate to give out drinks to your guests even during the official ceremony.

No matter what season you choose or what the weather is like on your big day, the most important thing is that you are getting married to the person you love and that all of your closest friends and family are there to share that moment with you.

This guest blog post was written by the Roxana Olivia – Click here to see Roxana’s previous article.

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