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How to Choose your Wedding Venue

One of the first and most important tasks you will do while planning your wedding is choosing the perfect reception venue, there are so many options and aspects to consider it can become slightly overwhelming, which can make you forget to ask certain questions. Before you sign any contracts, make sure your first choice checks off all these boxes.

Some may say that when you enter a venue you feel ‘its the one’, if you have a wedding planner they may be able to find the perfect venue for you taking into consideration your budget, guest list, and style. Furthermore your planner may be able to schedule tours for you, and go through the small print on the contract. If you don’t have a wedding planner the good news is most venues include a planner as a part of their services. That being said if you find your dream venue and a planner is not included in the package don’t worry, the below list will help you with your DIY wedding. 

First and foremost, you need to identify what kind of venue would suit your wedding day image:

  • Hotels such as: boutiques and brand hotels.
  • Independent venues such as: Estates, andlarge self catering accommodations.
  • Private lands such as: Gardens, Gold Courses and Farms.
  • Public locations such as: Parks, and Beaches.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, take into consideration the following:


Image from: My Wedding HQ

This may be slightly obvious but you need to ensure that your venue is large enough to accommodate your guest list comfortably. Leaving plenty of room for the dance floor, DJ booth, head table, and buffet if you are having one. The best way to assess the size of the venue is to arrange a visit during another wedding setup, you’ll be surprise what inspiration you can gather from other people’s wedding layouts. 


Image from: Elegant wedding invites

This really depends on the type of venue you choose to get married in, privacy is very important when it comes to weddings, as you don’t want random strangers just popping up in your wedding photos, or helping them self to your open bar. This caveat doesn’t only apply for outdoor weddings, but also for banquet halls or hotels, as larger venues tend to host more than one function at the same time. Therefore if you want exclusivity I would advise looking into hiring the venue for the day, rather than just a room, that being said www.partyhouses.co.uk have some beautiful estates and barns that are worth taking a look at if you are to wed in the UK.  

Alternatively you can also enquire about the venues security services, to keep the wedding crashers at bay. 


An essential when it comes to wedding photographs, and overall mood setting. If you are hosting a day wedding then ensure that your venue has plenty of windows to bring in natural light. If it is an evening affair ensure you have the appropriate lighting equipment to light up the area. I would also recommend you visit the venue during the time you plan on getting married, just to have a clear idea of what it may look like, and what equipment you may need.

The View 

Image from the lake como wedding planner

What do you see when you walk into the room? a skyline, stunning ocean views, or a beautiful landscape.Venues with great views are always a bonus, especially when it comes to wedding photography. If there is no view then turn to the venue’s decor or architectural details such as; Paintings, Rugs, Chandeliers etc. these would all give your reception area an extra boost.


Guests will need a place to park their car, and it would be rather inconvenient if they had to walk miles to your venue. Ensure your location has plenty of parking spaces for your guests, or is located near a garage. If  you find your dream venue but the parking is an issue, find alternative methods to get your guests to the venue, for example ask them to park in the nearest garage and hire transport to and from the venue. 






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