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How to Manage Your Wedding DIY

Soon after getting engaged, you will mentally start preparing your self to plan your dream wedding, you may have it all figured out by now, and your Pinterest board must be full of idea’s you can’t wait to turn into reality. Some of these designs may seem easy, and you may be considering a DIY wedding, after all it would help the budget.

As you continue to generate ideas and create a mood board, you can’t help but scroll through the numerous articles online that highlight how brides took it upon themselves to decorate their own wedding, some even baked their own wedding cake, the happy memories they share and how successful they were.

It’s no doubt that a DIY wedding is something to aspire to for all future brides and grooms, as it brings the touch of personal savviness and creativity that, according to Pinterest and Instagram, are typical of the Millennial generation. However, as not everyone is a born DIY crafter, it’s fair to look at alternatives to embrace your own skills. In other words: Forget the tutorials you’ve seen on Pinterest and plan a wedding day that feels natural and enjoyable for you. Here’s how much DIY involvement you should have during the preps.

Keeping it Personal

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Picture the scene. You’re turning the pages of a wedding magazine, inspired by what you see wondering how you can recreate those paper garlands. Just before you decide to sign up to every craft workshop in your area, you need to remember one thing. Whether you DIY it from the beginning to the end, or whether you choose to keep your craft involvement manageable, you don’t need to rely on doing it yourself to make it personal. Your wedding will be, by definition, personal. As long as you choose the elements of decor and the ceremony that suit your personality, there’s no need to cut your own paper garland to take ownership. From your choice of music to your choice of hairstyle, it will be one of the most personal days of your life. So, you don’t need to worry about impressing your guests with your DIY skills.

Stay Organised 

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There’s a misconception about DIY; a DIY wedding doesn’t have to be about making your own invites or baking the wedding cake. You could make the most of your natural skills to get involved in the preparations. If you’re a natural project manager, maybe your DIY involvement focuses on planning the wedding. You might want to do your research first so that you can build your own wedding binder for inspiration.

Once you know what you want, your next step is to define your budget regarding what you can afford and how much each family should contribute to your big day. Finally, you need to pick a venue, a guest list, and more importantly, reliable suppliers. In short, if you love organising, this could be the right thing for you.

You can’t DIY everything, and that’s okay

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There seems to be a social division between the people who can DIY and those who can’t. While it’s natural to want to be talented at everything, let’s be honest, not everyone can do everything. If you’re still struggling with your handmade paper garlands for example, you should take a look at the worst DIY wedding fails online. Some couples have turned their big day into a nightmare because of a lack of skills. You want your day to be perfect, so there’s no shame in accepting that you can’t DIY your way out through the preparations. More importantly, planning a wedding is stressful enough. There’s no need to add unnecessary difficulties by forcing yourself to go full on DIY.

Keep track of everything: Lists, lists, lists

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Not being a keen crafter doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to you can do to get involved with the preparations. On the contrary, there are still essential elements that you, as the bride, need to take care of. Whether you work with a wedding planner and a professional craft artist to add the personal touch you need to the ceremony, you will still need to get your hands dirty with the preparations. Start with a simple to-do list to make sure that you’ve got everything on it, including your nail and hairdresser’s appointments. Even if you keep your involvement to a minimum, you’ll need to work through the guest list, the RSVPs, the wedding day list, and even the list of gifts you’ve received.

Take it easy and don’t stress

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If you are finding DIY difficult to manage, you can look for alternatives such as DIY wedding invites that come in pre-printed kits, they’re easy to assemble as all the hard work has already been done. If you want to bring some DIY to the party, why not plan a simple photo booth where your guests can get creative with their photo memories. In fact, the easiest way to make your wedding party feel more personal if you’re terrified of DIY is to let your guests be the unknowing crafters of the day. You can get them to write down a little note in a frame for instance, or leave some craft gear on the tables for your guests to make those paper garlands you want.

Think outside the Box

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There are so many creative DIY designs that take minimum effort and time but score high on the creativity board. If you’re getting married in spring or summer, you can turn tree leaves into confetti, using a star-, heart- or flower-shaped hole-puncher. In other words, you don’t need to be a DIY expert to add a personal touch to your wedding. From planning it yourself to using prepared invite kits, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved in the preps.















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