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How to Host an Intimate Wedding

Weddings are about celebrations, celebrating the union of two people, this however seems to slip our mind when planning a wedding. Some couples know from the very beginning what type of wedding they want to host whether that being a large lavish one, or a small intimate affair. Many couples agree that in circumstances like this, size matters! In today’s post I will be sharing my advice on how to host a small intimate wedding, that is more personal, and fun for both the couple and guests. 

Intimate weddings mean more time for the bride and groom to spend with their guests, gives time for people to get to know each other, and celebrate in their own way. 

Set the Budget

The first initial steps that every couple need to take before planning a wedding is to set a realistic budget, one that they can achieve without breaking the bank. Once both parties have agreed on an amount, that will automatically determine the size of your wedding party. 

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Keep the cost down

Divide your budget into sections, i.e. venue, florist, dress etc. Once you have done so, start by cutting corners (without compromising on quality), if a sit down meal costs more than a buffet, opt for a buffet. In the end of the day it’s a matter of choice, you can invite a 100 guests, or cut the list by half and host the wedding of your dreams. 

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Guest List

The biggest dilemma all couples have to face, is cutting down the number of guests, who should you invite vs who you shouldn’t. With smaller weddings think of creating intimate atmosphere, groups of people who would mingle with one another, and make your wedding a relaxed fun atmosphere. 

Another agonising aspect is that parents may disagree when you ask them to cut down portions of their lists to the lean-and-mean few who really matter, in return you and your future spouse must be prepared to do the same. This would mean having that dreaded awkward conversations to friends who expected to be invited, why they didn’t receive an invitation. Our advise, honesty is key! inform your disappointed guests that you are hosting an intimate wedding, but be prepared for the occasional hurt feelings.



Ok, ill let you in on a little wedding planning secret (it may not always work, but it does most of the time) host a destination wedding, choose a weekday (it’s often cheaper) that way you cut your guests list by half, as some may not be able to attend.

Destination weddings are the biggest advantage of intimate weddings, gather a small number of your nearest and dearest jet off to a tropical island, or beautiful city surroundings, and tie the knot in one of the worlds iconic spots. You may also turn it into a mini-moon, and mini-vacation for guests, plan a three-four day event list to keep your guests occupied, and take advantage of bonding as a group. You may be surprised that often destination weddings turn out to be more cost-effective. 


Be productive 

Some couples opt to plan them wedding themselves, avoiding high costs of wedding planners. I assure you a small wedding takes just as much work and effort as a larger one would. It’s all about the details, pay attention to them! your guests are. An empty table in the corner, or a different type or flower might have gone unnoticed with 200 people, however it is far more obvious with 50 guests and under. 

Go the extra mile 

Cutting corners, means you will have money left to splurge on necessities. Treat your guests well i.e. provide a limousine service for your guests, or give them gift bags filled with useful nick knacks. You may also consider upgrading elements of your wedding, swap the sparkling wines to the best champagne, splurge on your bouquet with roses or orchids. 



The best part of having smaller weddings is that everyone is productive, keep your guests entertained with fun activities, make them apart of your wedding by including them in the ceremony.

Intimate wedding

Keep the celebrations going

A disadvantage of intimate weddings are when the guilt starts to kick in because you couldn’t invite everyone you wanted. Split your celebrations in half, invite a certain amount of people to the ceremony, while others to the dinner party. You may also consider hosting a separate more casual event later in the week or after your honeymoon to celebrate with friends who you couldn’t invite, and those who couldn’t attend. 

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