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Just when you thought that lace wedding dresses are too traditional, 2016 brings lace back into the fashion world with a bang! I have been admiring the bridal catwalk this season, and lace gowns are defiantly taking the lead, whether you invasion a sexy gown with sheer detail, or a cinderella dress, this classic fabric is surprisingly versatile, and gorgeous. Below are some of our favourite wedding gown picks this season, to fit any wedding style. 

Lace wedding dresses tend to be more on the costly side, however there are many different kind of lace materials to choose from, not all lace is created equal;

  • Alençon lace, was invented in the 1600s by a women attempting to replicate Venetian lace. It is an elaborate needlepoint lace that originated in France. It’s characterized by its 3-D effect, and frequently decorated with seed pearls and sequins.
  • French Lace, is made by twisting and braiding lengths of thread around bobbins. 
  • Chantilly lace has dainty features like flowers and ribbons on a plain net background. It’s the most fluttery and romantic of the group and popular for sleeves and overlay, since it has a sheerness that also gives off a sexy vintage vibe.
  • Eyelet Lace is a light fabric, perfect if you want a lace dress but are worried about wearing a more heavy lace for a summer wedding. Eyelet lace was typically made with cotton fabric, but can currently be made with a wide variety of fabrics, including silk and satin. Since it’s very breathable, it’s the ideal choice for an outdoor, warm-weather wedding.
  • Venise, Also known as “Venetian point” or “gros point,” this heavy needlepoint-type design uses floral sprays, foliage or geometric patterns and is often said to look like carved ivory.
  • Irish lace comes in a number of different varieties. If you are planning a St. Patrick’s Day wedding or simply want to find a way to honour your Irish heritage, Irish lace is a good choice! 

Who knew there could be so many different types of lace! 

Long sleeve lace 

Turn sheer sleeves into a serious fashion statement with a touch of floral lace. 


Crop top Lace 

If you’re feeling bold, consider a crop top that shows just a sliver of skin. There are so many ways to wear a crop top, you can have it with sleeves or without. 

Slip on lace

Flawlessly elegant lace skirts add intricate texture to a trendy minimalist slip dress.

Sheer appliqués

A barely there bodice of lace appliqués plays up the drama of a curve-skimming silhouette.

Fancy Pants 

Bend the rules with a classy Chantilly jumpsuit. The perfect combination of formal and fashion forward.

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