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17 Lipsticks for a Bold Bridal Lip

To complete your wedding day makeover you’ll need to choose a lipstick colour that not only matches your makeup but also your wedding theme and season. If you have always been a fan of bold coloured lipsticks then that doesn’t need to change on your wedding day. Embrace the new trend and paint the aisle red; if that’s your thing. Keep in mind that your photographer will snap away during your ceremony, and more specifically after your first kiss as a married couple. I very much doubt you will want to see photographs with lipstick stains on your spouse, therefore we would advise you choose a natural yet visible shade during your ceremony followed by a more bold and darker shade during the reception. That way you will combine two different makeup looks into one, and trust me when I say that a bold lip is a game changer. I have selected a few of my favourite shades and categorised them per-season, to help you choose the perfect shade for your wedding day pout.

Spring & Summer Seasons

For this season you will want a lighter yet more vibrant lipstick shade, think of fuchsia pinks and deep orange tones. 

(Lipstick 1, Lipstick 2, Lipstick 3, Lipstick 4, Lipstick 5, Lipstick 6, Lipstick 7, Lipstick 8, Lipstick 9)

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Autumn & Winter Seasons

Unlike the Summer & Spring season if you are getting married in the Autumn & Winter months you will want to opt for a more deep and darker lip shade, think berries and rogues. 

(Lipstick 1, Lipstick 2, Lipstick 3, Lipstick 4, Lipstick 5, Lipstick 6, Lipstick 7, Lipstick 8)

The above shades work perfectly with brides who want to recreate a bold but timeless look on their wedding day. My only advise would be to make sure you top up your bold lipstick throughout the night, as most dark shades can leave uneven stains on your lips.  

Will a bold coloured lipstick compliment your wedding dress? 

A bright and bold lipstick shade usually compliments wedding dresses rather than over powering them, think of it more as the cherry on-top of the cake, your finally wedding day accessory. Choose the perfect shade by matching it to your wedding dress, for example if you are wearing a lace dress during the autumn and winter seasons a shade of deep red would be the perfect accent to a classical bridal look. 

Wave goodbye to fake lashes and smoky eyeshadows!

With bold lipstick shades the general rule is to keep the rest of your makeup simple, meaning ditch the heavy lashes and smoky eyeshadows for a more low-key natural look. You can still apply eyeshadow however stay away from dark colours in order not to over-power your final look. 









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