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Wedding invitations play an important factor in your special day, for starters it is the first glimpse of your wedding that guests receive (we all know how important first impressions can be), they are also an indication of what to expect and the type of wedding your hosting. Most couples want their invitations to be a special memento that guests and family members can keep. Choosing wedding stationary these days can be as complicated as looking for a needle in a hay stack, there are so many options to choose from you can have practically any shape, size, or colour your desire. Give your self a little extra time to decide on your design, and how it will reflect the style of your wedding day, and both your personalities. 


I recently received a delightful package from Loving Invitations, that contained their latest collection of wedding stationary. Which I found had the perfect assortment of florals, shimmer paper, and animated drawings to accompany every couples taste. 


Loving Invitations have created a range of wedding stationary that are elegantly designed with passion. Their unique collections can be found across Ireland, Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK. The brainchild behind this fantastic business is Linda Curtis Kelly, having an honours degree in visual communications Limerick School of Art and Design, Linda devotes her passion into creating high-end designs that highlight a couple’s wedding. 

It all started when Linda was planning her own wedding back in 2010, she came to realise that the majority of wedding invitations on the Irish market were hand-made. Therefore Linda took it upon her self to design her own, it was at that moment she discovered her inner passion which led to the establishments of Loving Invitations. 

Animated Designs 

Floral Designs

The floral collection is one my favourite, the vibrant colours and printed details bring life to the flowers, and of course whats not to love when your card sparkles with shimmer.

Q1 – What is your favourite colour combination?

Linda: My favourite combination is usually something bright. My favourite colour is magenta but that’s probably because that is my brand colour. I don’t really have a favourite combination as there are lots of lovely colours used in weddings these days. One of my own favourite designs is “Midsummer Dream”. It’s probably because I love the summer-time but also because it puts a smile on my face when I see it.

Q2 – What is the most unusual invitation you have designed?

Linda: I think my design the “Tandem Couple” is my most unique design. The idea of a bride and groom cycling to their reception after their wedding is quite playful – and yet it has a vintage theme, and I suppose back in those days they may well have cycled to their reception.

Wedding Ceremony Booklets 

Complete your wedding stationary with these ceremony booklets, as an addition to the floral collection these booklets will keep your guests up-to date with your wedding program. 

Q3 – What advice would your give future brides?

Linda: Just keep in mind that this is your big day and you should source invitations that reflect your event and personality. Try and be different – and surprise people. I recommend that you source vendors that you have confidence in and that make you feel comfortable. Most importantly, though, you should enjoy every minute of it because it will be over in a blink of an eye.

Once again I would like to thank Linda, and Loving Invitations for sending me these unique and creative designs. Click here for information on how to place your order, as well as other designs. 

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  1. All of them are really cute! But some (me included) prefer some white and black only invitation e.g. with silver or golden details or some play with different paper structures and thickness, I like the modern minimalist approach

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