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The Makeup Free Bride ~ Bisola

Hello readers,

The internet has been taken by storm this week, for one bride has gone where no other has dared to before, images of a makeup free bride has gone viral, gathering the attention of nearly millions of online users. The beautiful bride Bisola Umoren from Lago Nigeria, sent a powerful message through to all women and future brides, that beauty comes from within, this powerful movement encourages us all to embrace our inner beauty. We have seen many celebrities embrace the flawless barefaced look, such as Alicia Keys in her VMA red carpet appearance, and Adele with her most recent Instagram post. 

The Twitter user Bra Kofi, was the first to release an image of bride Bisola (who at the time was unknown) with the capture  ‘She refused to wear make ups on her wedding day…Adwoa Mansa, can you do this? I dare you.’ Since then this post has been retweeted over 1,200 times already, but it has generated so much support for the bride’s decision to go natural. Rather than casting judgment, many users have tweeted about how refreshing, and stunning the unidentified bride is. Because this bride was able to break the norm, of what is considered to be a necessity for al brides when getting married, we were curious as to what encouraged Mrs. Umoren to go makeup free on her wedding day. We got the inside scoop from a Nigerian news outlet whom spoke to the bride:

“When my husband first met me, I had not had my bath, but he saw and fell in love with my natural look. I’m not the make-up type. I don’t like any form of inconvenience or discomfort on my face, my neck and entire body. It is not a church thing, it is just me and my personal decision.” Bisola Umoren 

Isn’t that the sweetest? Whether you choose to wear makeup on your wedding day or not it is entirely up to you, I like many others chose to wear makeup on my wedding day, however I want my readers to feel comfortable with their decision. 

Some may say that Kim Kardashian broke the internet with images of her derriere, we think that Mrs. Umoren broke the internet by encouraging everyday women to embrace their inner beauty no matter what the occasion. 

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