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Naked Cakes

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Its time we address the latest trend of Naked cakes! apart from their unusual name, their appearance is more appetising. While researching, I have fallen more in love with the concept, and idea. Below I will include all you need to know about Naked cakes, as well as some photos for inspiration.

A cake is a cake, (Slice, serve, and eat!) however there are a few important details that differ naked cakes from the frosted ones. Sure, there aren’t any fondant decals or buttercream ruffles, but you’ll be surprised just how many style options you have to choose from when it comes to this beautiful bare cake trend. Naked cakes tend to have a more natural and organic feel, which means that ornate sugar or gum paste flowers won’t exactly mesh. An easy alternative are fresh flowers. It would be ideal to match your wedding cake to your theme, incorporate natural elements like succulents, rosemary or lavender instead of big romantic peonies and roses. Make your cake pop with rich and colourful fruits. 

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