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Parents and Bachelorette parties


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When planning a wedding a dozen thoughts, and questions come into your mind, personally I am constantly trying to cater around making myself and everyone around me happy with the wedding planning decisions I am taking. Which can be a handful, but when it comes to bachelorette parties/hen do’s its the maid of honours duty to plan that aspect (phew thank god, slight bridal relief) until you are hit with the million dollar question,  you have a great relationship with your mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law? Wonderful. But do you have to invite them to your bachelorette party?

Ouch thats a tough one. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to your relationship with your mum and if you and your friends are comfortable with the idea. If your first thought is “Of course!” then the answer is really simple, invite her along! Traditionally, having moms in tow hasn’t been the norm, but recently, an increasing number of brides are having them along for the fun. Simply put, it’s your wedding and you should have whomever you want at your bachelorette party whether it’s going to be raunchy or relaxed. But if your uncertain, then you may need to handle the situation a bit more carefully. First of all, it’s totally okay to say “no” to this request (in the nicest way possible of course), even if you’re not having the heavy drinking, all-night clubbing kind of bash. Below are some key points to consider while taking this decision:

Honesty is the only policy 
This is our advice for just about anything where feelings and relationships are involved. Instead of giving a vague response like “We’ll see!” or putting a decision off until later, just be upfront about the fact that you only want your friends and bridesmaids at the bachelorette. She’ll probably be completely understanding if you list your reasons you’d rather not have her there. And if you get some pushback, try and talk it out and even offer an alternative. 

Plan more than one party 
All the more reason to party twice! organise a dinner, cooking class, spa treatments and crafts are just a few of the family-friendly of the ways you can start off your bachelorette. Then that night or later on in the night, plan to do all the things you’d want to without your mom. This way, mom feels like she’s part of the party and you can still have a parent-free night later on. This is also a great idea if you have underage family members you also want to include.

Mother and Daughter date
Think about the reasons why she might be asking to come, maybe she feels like she hasn’t had the chance to spend enough time with you lately and is feeling left out. If that’s the case, you could set aside some time for just you and her to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Personally I arrange afternoon tea with my mum quiet regularly, which give us a perfect chance to bond and discuss wedding plans. 

The answer to the above question really comes down to the type of relationship you and your mother have. when in doubt always refer back to point number one.

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