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Peggy Porschen ~ A Delightful Treat

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In this ever-growing market, I am always on the hunt for new wedding suppliers. On my last visit to London, my best friend suggested we stop by Belgravia for tea and cake, and he knows I can never turn down cake. As we arrived to this gorgeous pink parlour with a formal arch, I see various types of delicious cakes on display, from cupcakes to even wedding cakes, at that point I literary wanted to try every single one. That being said, of course it had to be Peggy Porschen‘s parlour. In today’s post I will feature the amazingly talented Peggy Porschen – Award winning cake designer and creative director –  Including a short biography, a video of my experience, as well as photos of her spectacular creations, in aim to inspire you plan your special day.


A bespoke cake company was founded in 2003 by both husband and wife Peggy Porschen & Bryn Morrow. Belgravia London welcomed its first Peggy Porschen Parlour in 2010, that forever changed the image of Elizabeth street, which was once a busy street for commuters, and train passengers, has now turned into the perfect area to get together, and indulge on one of the best cakes London has to offer. Peggy was able to give the world a taste of her previously made-to-order only designs on an everyday basis, the parlour is also home to Peggy’s Bridal Boutique (by appointments only). 

With a dream, and dedication to pass her talent onto others, Peggy opened her first cake academy in London 2011, which happens to be opposite the Parlour in Belgravia. The academy is on of the first London cookery schools that is dedicated entirely to baking, cake decorating, and sugar crafting. 

Learn more about her academy here

Peggy has always been passionate about creating edible masterpieces for special occasions, and to our luck that includes Wedding cakes too. These irresistibly pretty and elegant designs have graced many A-list events, such as the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, and even Stella McCartney’s wedding. 

Wedding Cakes 

Below are some of Peggy’s beautiful wedding cakes, available to order online via this link.

My visit to the Parlour


On a busy Saturday afternoon, I indulged in what I believe was a slice of cake heaven, so good in fact I ordered two slices (I guess I was celebrating the fact that my wedding diet was officially over), accompanied by a pot of Peggy’s blended tea, which to my surprised happened to be inspired by flavours found in her kitchen.

The parlour is also a perfect spot to host a bridal tea party, pop some bubbly and enjoy taking a wide variety of cakes with your bridesmaids.

Wedding planning & Peggy 

As I mentioned previously, you can make an appointment at Peggy Porschens Bridal Boutique to discuss your wedding cake design. I contacted Peggy to get advice straight from the expert:

Q1– What was the best wedding cake you designed?

I have created so many designs over the years, it is impossible to chose just one as my favourite. I recently created a beautiful new cake with Pippa Middleton in mind, to be displayed at an exhibition in London, and it is a design I am particularly proud of.

Q2– As you know, wedding cake trends change every season, what would you say is this seasons hottest cake trend?

The biggest trend this year has been the ‘naked cake’. Looking at future trends, tall slim cakes have become very popular and I’d also say that relaxed romantic sugar flower arrangements continue to be on the rise as well.

Q3- What is the best wedding cake filling ? and why?

Our brides love our Strawberry & Champagne cake filling as well as our Lemon, Raspberry & Rose option.  These flavours aren’t only chosen because they taste delicious but also because the pastel pink layers look very pretty when cut.

Q4-Do you see your self expanding in the future beyond the UK?

We do have plans for future expansion, watch this space! 

Q5- The question I know we have all been wondering, Did you bake your own wedding cake?

I didn’t bake my own wedding cake, but a good friend Roxanne Floquet, and previous Head Decorator at Peggy Porschen Cakes, lovingly created it for us based on a design we came up with together. The design was based on our floral laser-cut stationery, which Roxy replicated around the sides of the cake. It also featured beautifully handcrafted sugar roses, stephanotis and a bow.  I was so proud of the cake and I’m very proud of Roxy, who has now established herself as one of South Africa’s leading cake designers.

Feeling festive? Click here to view Peggy’s latest Christmas collection, that is perfect for a winter wedding.

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