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Personalised Bridesmaid Gifts

Every bride is thankful for her bridesmaids, after all the joys of wedding planning are much more appreciated when you have your BFF to share it with. Show your bridal party that you care with these amazingly thoughtful bridesmaid gifts, suitable for every budget, and season. 

There are so many ways you can gift your bridesmaids, some brides buy their dresses, others buy accessories, it really depends on how generous you are feeling. Here are some budget friendly personalised gift ideas that will score you extra points with your bridal team. 


Accessories your bridal team with mini statement pieces, to complete their wedding day look. Earnings and necklaces tend to be the most popular buys, however feel free to venture out onto ring, and bangles. Our all time favourite pick would be personalised necklaces. 

Happy Feet 

After posing for wedding pictures, your bridesmaids will be so happy to swap their heels for a cute pair of customised flip-flops. Go the extra mile by writing a special message on the back. 


For outdoor events, whether that be wedding or bachelorette parties, provide your ladies with some UV protection with these chic classes. You can either personalise them with a Team Bride message, or by nicknames. 

PJ’s & Robes 

For sleep overs, or even pre-wedding photos. Customised Pj’s and Robes are the perfect bridesmaid gift. 


For this specific category, the possibilities are endless, you can choose from a number of useful gifts that bridesmaids can use on a daily basis, such as:

  • Hangers
  • Glassware 
  • Cushions 
  • Jewellery Holder/Boxes
  • Towels & Throws 
  • Picture Frame

Pamper them

Pamper your bridesmaids with these lovely cosmetic amenities. 


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