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Planning an Extended Wedding Weekend

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Wedding planning involves a lot of extra thought that may not cross the brides mind at the time. If you are hosting a big wedding, or either you or the groom have quiet a large family, the wedding day turns into a wedding weekend! specially if you are having a destination wedding. In other cases you may have guests coming from abroad to attend your wedding, at that point guilt kicks and you as a bride may not have the time to ‘show them around’. You most certainly are not obliged to, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had a plan in set so that all your guests can enjoy their weekend? As they say ” It’s over before you know it” How many times have you heard that piece of wisdom? But we have a solution! Prolong the party! Take it from the king of party him self  “A little party never killed no body” Gatsby

Usually weddings last one day, but nowadays couples opt for a three-day weekend celebration. Even if your location seems more familiar than foreign, creative hospitality will make the wedding an endlessly fascinating trip. This weekend I am following up on the celebrity Sophia Vergara’s wedding weekend, I absolutely love her dinner rehearsal decorations so far, not gonna lie, I am really excited to see her wedding dress too! Keep the festivities rolling—and yourself relatively stress free—with these party pointers:

4e45838a8b1946436f960c275801907dWelcome Party:
If most of your guests are traveling to your wedding, or if they are guests you just haven’t seen in a while, a welcome party is a great way to greet everyone in a relaxed, no pressure environment. 
When: Usually a welcome party should be a day or two before the main event. Ideally you would base it around the date when you know most of your guests are arriving. Also, you don’t want it to conflict with the rehearsal dinner—though a cocktails-only celebration could certainly follow the dinner.

Who Hosts: Anything goes with this one. You and your fiance can certainly act as emcees and welcome the crew, or another family member or close friend can host. If you’re also having a rehearsal dinner that the groom’s parents are hosting, definitely don’t ask them to also host the welcome party. But if you can’t come up with the funds on your own, you can consider asking both sets of parents to host jointly. 

Where: A welcome party can be a cocktails-only, open-house-style celebration at a bar (for total convenience, look into the bar at the hotel where everyone is staying) Don’t go too formal with this one—the welcome party should stay lighthearted and be all about hanging out and having fun.

4acab9a7bd27fa1b0e980b93e0933a3eRehearsal Dinner:
On the eve of the wedding, everyone is brimming with anticipation, this celebratory casual dinner is filled with good vibes. Best men, and bridesmaid usually give mini speeches, while the closest family members take it upon them selfs to wish the couple a happy future a general good cheer. 

When: This should be a day after the welcome party, if its not too much pressure the night before the big day would be ideal. If a majority of your guests are coming from abroad, or out-of-towners, consider hosting a more intimate dinner with just family, and the wedding party. 

Who Hosts: Traditionally, the groom’s parents. But depending on who is paying for the wedding, the couple or the bride’s family may decide to host this event. 

Where: Typically it would be at a restaurant of your choice, or a hotel, depending on your preference. You may also want to host the dinner at home, arrange for a catering company to supply the food, in order not to over task your self on the day. It really depends on the size of your guest list, of course—a totally casual affair might not be appropriate if it’s an intimate dinner for 10. 

2d7246c21ea4bd9765a63c1e722cf446Farewell Brunch: 
It has been a busy weekend, but its all over now, time for the final hooray! a postwedding brunch is a great way to wind down and exchange final good-byes before leaving on your honeymoon. Newlyweds can take this chance to thank their guests and spend a bit more time with loved ones who’ve flown in from all over.
When: The morning after, Keep in mind hotel checkout times when picking an appropriate start time (10:30 or 11 a.m., for instance). You don’t want to start the brunch too late, especially if guests are going to be itching to get on the road.

Who Hosts: There’s no hard-and-fast rule here. It’s a nice gesture for the couple to bear the brunt of the planning and cost, but either family could also assume the hosting role, especially if one side is entertaining more out-of-towners than the other. 

Where: Like most parties, the brunch can be held wherever suits the mood, the hotel, a house, or even a restaurant. 

You most certainly do not need to host all three of these events, If you are short on time, or trying to keep the budget low, and your wedding is turning into a real mini vacation(4 day affair) then consider setting up a list of activities for those who are coming form out of town, or abroad. The list should include restaurants to visit, fun activities, maybe a little sight seeing. Make sure there is something for everyone. You don’t have to physically attend, but its nice to let them know you have thought about them. 

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  1. Very Insightful Post. Totally agree with you making the effort to put together a few ideas of activities for guests who are coming from out of town. From experience, what has worked for many of our clients was to hire a weekend photobooth (3 days) which would be left at a central location and guests could use to capture some unique moments over the extended celebratory period. A successful and memorable wedding is that which takes into account the couples desires and also guests comfort!

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