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Save the Date

Hello Readers,

I hope you enjoyed my previous post on getting organised. In Today’s post I am going to discuss the steps to take after choosing your wedding date. Hopefully by this stage you, and your partner have decided on the number of guests you are inviting. By following the tips I made in my last post, it should be quiet simple.

Save The Date is one of the most popular and fun ways to tell your guests about your special day in advance, so they can celebrate with you. At this point no body expects you to have a venue booked, you may still be researching where, and what you want.

Reasons why sending save the date is a helpful & good method:

  • Its Creative & Fun – There are so many different techniques you can use.
  • You can DIY the cards – No need for extra costs, try one of our inspirational DIY ideas.
  • Early RSVP – Some guests may inform you of their attendance once they check their diaries.
  • Helps the budget – Some guests may have prior arrangements on that date, therefore you will save on sending wedding invitations.

Here are some creative and affordable Save the Date ideas:

Save the date save the date save the date save the date save the date
save the date save the date save the date save the date save the date
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(Click here for more inspiration)

Personally I decided to use the save the date idea for my wedding, as I am still searching for the perfect venue. Most of my guests attending are coming from abroad, so the best option for me was to create something virtual. With the help of The Knot, I was able to create a quick and easy customised website with a domain name of my choice, and a secure pin for privacy reasons. They have an amazing selection of tools to use, such as Guest list, Registry, RSVP option, and many more. (I will attach their link below)

As you can see from the gallery above, most of the ideas are really simple yet creative, and some are FREE! You can find more inspirational ideas on our Stationary page. A few designs posted are from a website called Esty. If you haven’t heard of them yet I would highly recommended you check them out. They sell a wide range of products that are useful for planning an event or decorating. Some items are handmade, and I like the fact that they help small businesses grow. In the posts to come I will show you how I used Etsy for my wedding.





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