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Spring Wedding Accessory Essentials

Hello readers,

Spring is finally here! The official launch of wedding season has begun, sunshine, and fresh flowers, and if you live in the UK the occasional rain showers. If you are hosting or attending an outdoor wedding this spring, you’re going to need these essential accessories to add to your wedding day style and combat the transitional weather.

spring wedding accessorySunglasses:

Avoid squinting and protect your eyes from the UV rays during an outdoor wedding this spring. 

As a host: Customise sunnies with the couples initials, or wedding date are perfect spring wedding favours. 






spring wedding accessory


Shield your self from the occasional raindrops. Don’t be upset if it rains on your special day, rain is supposed to be a symbol of good luck. Plus, if your guests had umbrellas, that could make a great group photo. Umbrella’s can also be used to as shade from the sunlight. 

As a host: Consider Chinese umbrellas as wedding favours, you can choose colourful ones or with patterns, which are more creative than the traditional umbrella. 




spring wedding accessory


Incase of a breeze come prepared. A cardigan, or shawl would bean ideal fashion accessory to keep you warm. 

As a host: Have a basket of shawls with the same colour as your wedding theme for guests. 





spring wedding accessory

Heel protectors:

Walking on grass with a pair of heels can be a challenge. Protect your heels, and yourself from sinking into the grass with heel protectors. You can find them online.


As a hosts: For the ladies, have a jar full of heel protects on the entrance. You can purchase them in bulk from Ebay. 





Setting Spray:

Avoid sweating off your makeup by applying a setting spray. Ask your makeup artist to apply the spray for you, or purchase one your self. This will help keep your makeup in place on a warm spring day. It usually lasts about 12 hours, so your set throughout the night. 




9a422d8d2949b6d8f15040fe91aa8c99Hair Spray:

With the occasional spring shower, comes the mist and humidity, which are a total killer for your wedding hairstyle. Use a hair spray that  creates a barrier from moister and will keep your hair from becoming a frizzy fiasco.






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