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Hello readers,

I hope your enjoyed my previous post, on tips and inspirations when choosing your wedding cake. Today I have a very special feature for the amazing and talented Michelle Maric owner of Sugablossom Cakes. Including a short biography, and photos of her spectacular creations, in aim to inspire you on your special day.

While browsing through cake inspirations for my special day, I came across Sugablossom, their designs, and attention to detail simply took my breath away. I then immediately checked where they are located. Slightly saddened to know they are in Australia, which is far away from my wedding location. However its great news for my Australian readers, you don’t need to look any further for a baker Sugablosson is a unique Australian entity. When I got in contact with Michelle, and she shared her story with me, I was truly touched, and inspired, by her background, and determination. She comes from a family with a true cooking skill and love for fresh foods. As a child she used to join her mother and grandfather in the kitchen while making fresh Pizza’s and other mouth-watering recipes, a memory that she cherishes forever. Even though the art of cooking, and baking was in her blood, she ventured out into the business world. 15 years later, Michelle decided to pursue her passion to bake, establishing Sugablossom.

“Every edible creation that leaves my kitchen is made with hands and heart, with the hope of helping you to create sweet memories just like my own; Memories of celebrations, love and laughter.”

Below are examples of Sugablossom designs:

(Click here for more inspirational images from Sugablossom)






Photo credits: Sugablossom


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